Graphics Standards - Web Standards

Lewis University recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining the World Wide Web as a means of promoting the institution and as an academic resource. The University also recognizes the importance of a professional and uniform World Wide Web structure, adhering to the University Mission statement and standards of honesty and personal conduct. The University, in consultation with the Web Review Committee, has established the following policies for publishing on the Lewis University Web site.


Departmental Web Pages, Academic and Administrative Support Units.
It is vital that all departments in this classification have a presence on the Web. These pages must be developed in collaboration with the Webmaster.

A template has been developed to provide a consistent look and easy navigation between pages. These pages will determine the basic structure of the site and will contain text from official University publications. Every page should contain a copyright statement, a link to the home page, and the date of last update. The Web committee recognizes that academic departments have their own identities, and strives to impose as few administrative constraints as possible. All Type 1 pages are subject to Web committee approval.

Departments are responsible for maintaining the content of their own Web pages. This approach allows the department to control the timeliness and accuracy of information. When updated sites are complete and ready to be posted, the department must contact the Webmaster to request that the updated information be published to the live Internet. Web updates will be published within three days of receipt. Development of timelines for new Web pages and sites will be developed on a project-by-project basis. The ultimate responsibility of departmental copy lies with the administrative head of that unit.


Organizational Web Pages.
Entities officially sanctioned by the University – University programs, offices, organizations, and student groups recognized by the Office of Student Services – should have a place on the University Web site. These pages should be designed as a public relations tool for prospective audiences. Individuals are encouraged to construct and maintain these pages in support of University activities, in collaboration with the University Webmaster. Detailed descriptions of organization activities should be posted on the Lewis intranet as a resource for current students, faculty and staff.

Type 2 pages will be maintained by the department or organization. Once content has been updated the Webmaster should be notified to publish the updated information. The ultimate responsibility of content lies with the organization unit head. In the case of student organizations, all information must be approved by the Office of Student Services.

Course Pages
Detailed descriptions of course syllabi and class reading assignments should be posted on the Lewis intranet as a resource for current students, faculty and staff.

Type 2 pages will be maintained by the faculty or department.


Faculty, Staff and Student Web Pages.
Pages that are not related to teaching or other official University activities are designated as Type 3 pages. These are recreational or interest-oriented pages of a personal nature initiated by current faculty, staff or students. Personal pages are not part of the University’s official web site. Each Web creator bears sole responsibility for the content and maintenance of the Web files. The University does not endorse, nor accept any responsibility for the information contained on these pages. These pages must include the following disclaimer:

“ The content of this page does not implicitly or explicitly represent official information about Lewis University, its positions or policies. Questions or comments about the content of this page should be addressed to the named publisher or contact for this page.”

Type 3 Web pages will be housed on the Web server. Separate folders will be created for faculty, staff and students. Students who are creating Web pages as part of a class will be given a group user name based on the Lewis course numbering system. Individual students will need a password to upload pages to the server. This server will be housed with Information Services.

  • Units and official members of the Lewis University community must request publishing of revised pages and new material to their Web pages (Types 1 and 2) by contacting the University Webmaster. The request must also include the person who is responsible for updating and maintaining the page with accurate and current information.
  • Marketing and Communications will approve use of the University logo and seal.
  • Web page content is subject to the university policy on appropriate use of technological resources and policies as addressed in University publications for students, faculty and staff. Pages which receive complaints relating to inappropriate content will be removed immediately by the Webmaster. The Web Review Committee will decide upon a suitable revision.
  • Published material should be free of grammatical errors. Ideal Web copy is short and precise! At the bottom of the page, the editor should identify an e-mail contact for further information and the date of the last update. Every effort should be made to make certain the information is current.
  • Departments and individuals submitting pages are responsible for compliance with copyright and trademark regulations. All material on the World Wide Web is assumed to be copyrighted or trademarked unless a waiver is expressly stated.
  • University computers have been acquired for official University business and for academic purposes. Private business transactions may not be conducted on the Lewis University network, nor may any page commit the University to the endorsement of any product or service.

Effective March, 2001