Media Relations - Overview

Lewis University’s Office of Marketing and Communications understands the importance of cultivating media relations. Each year, more than 200 press releases and approximately 150 guide notices are sent out to nearly 80 media contacts. The University is mentioned on more days than not in either a newspaper article or a radio announcement. And this work has its rewards, contributing to the University’s overall goal of becoming a leading mid-sized, Midwestern Catholic university, and reaching a maximum population of 8,000 students in the coming years. The word is getting out about Lewis University, and each member of the Lewis University community has a vital part to play in the process. As Lewis increases its visibility, it also will increasingly become one of the educational institutions that the media will turn to for expert opinion.

The media plays a vital role in the promotion of Lewis University, assisting us in spreading the news about Lewis’ programs, events and initiatives, and enhancing our image through consistent exposure to the general public. While members of the media often call upon us to lend the expertise of our faculty in their research for a story, our relationship with the media is hardly a one-way street. Yes, it may take time to respond to inquiries from the media as a busy faculty or staff member, but the publicity that Lewis receives in doing so also helps to elevate the University’s reputation. In addition, building those relationships is extremely helpful when having some news of your own that you would like to publicize.

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