Media Relations - Photography

While the Office of Marketing and Communications does not have a photographer on staff, a professional photographer may be hired, providing that the Department or Office has the budgetary funds to pay for these services.

The Office of Marketing and Communications can provide you with the contact information for photographers who normally handle University events.

When a photographer is hired for an event, the individual making the request must also contact the President’s Office to inform them about the event, how the photos will be used, and whether there will be photos for the President to send to those who attend. Generally, photos of the President with guests at an event are sent by the President’s Office to these guests as a courtesy.

Those in charge of the event should provide for the identification of all guests who are photographed. In addition, if photos will be sent to guests, additional photos will need to be ordered if there is more than one person in the photo who will need copies. Additional copies may also be needed for publicity purposes or to keep a visual record of the event.

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