Graphics Standards - University Logo

Logo: A name, symbol or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition

The visual graphic of the bell tower with the cross symbolizes a strong religious affiliation and incorporates a campus landmark. The logo of Lewis University includes the combination of three elements: the bell tower symbol; the logotype; and the identifying statement. All of these elements together constitute the official logo of the University:

(1) The bell tower symbol, a stylized interpretation of Sancta Alberta Chapel;
(2) the word identifiers, LEWIS UNIVERSITY; and
(3) the identifying statement, A Catholic and Lasallian University.

One Color

When only one color is available for reproduction, the University logo must be printed entirely in one of the following colors: black, Lewis burgundy(PMS 202) or white (reversed out). Example figure
Note: The third image has been placed in a box to demonstrate a graphic that is reversed out of a dark background. Please do not frame the logo. See Framing on Incorrect Uses.

Two Color

For two-color reproduction, only use the following colors: bell tower symbol in black; logotype in Lewis burgundy (PMS 202); and the identifying statement in black. Example figure

Special Print Techniques

The logo may be embossed, engraved, foil stamped on paper, etched on metal or glass, cast in metal or carved in stone or wood. Some of these special print (and fabrication) techniques may produce colors other than the official colors previously stated (e.g., silver, gold, wood grain). Many of these techniques require special artwork. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for these digital files.

Clear Zone

The integrity of the logo demands that no words or images crowd, overlap or merge with it.
A proportional minimum clear zone has been established where x is defined as the height of the letter E in Lewis. Example figure

Examples: If the logo is 2" wide, then the clear zone is .5"
If the logo is 3" wide, then the clear zone is .75"

Print Backgrounds

The logo may be printed over most solid colors, screens of color, illustrative or photographic backgrounds as long as it remains legible and reproduces clearly. However, the integrity of the logo demands that it never be integrated into illustrations, cartoons or other symbols or logos.

Minimum Size

When the logo is reduced or enlarged, it should always be treated as one unit. All elements should be sized proportionately. For most applications, the logo should not be enlarged more that the maximum width of 4". Do not reduce to a size that reduces the width to less than 1.5". Example figure


There are a few exceptions to the previously mentioned standards that have been approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

(1) Some projects require a version of the logo without the identifying statement. Smaller Web graphics, for example, can not reproduce small text well. Example figure

(2) The bell tower symbol may be used as a separate design element for various printed materials with the following guidelines: Example figure

- the entire logo appears on the same page; and
- the bell tower is screened in a range of 5 - 15%.

(3) Some projects might require a "text-only" version of the logotype. The Sancta Alberta bell tower is not appropriate for use on certain materials because of its delicate architecture, and when inappropriate use would appear disrespectful such as on athletic equipment, floormats, etc. For printed materials, the entire logo must appear in its entirety at least once. Example figure

Supplemental Logos

The identity system provides a method for a regional campus, school, college, department and official entity or organization within the University to create a customized logo by utilizing the official logo with the addition of a specific name. Example figure

Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for assistance with supplemental logos.

Electronic Files

  • All approved logos are stored as digital files and can be accessed through Blackboard.*
  • Access Blackboard through your Web browser:
  • Log in using your normal login credentials. For new Blackboard users, use your Lewis e-mail ID for both the username and password. (e.g., if your e-mail address is, then your initial username and password will be "smithan").
  • Go to Institution Page in the upper left navigation
  • Scroll down to Helpful Links – Faculty & Staff
  • Open the Show All link
  • Click on Marketing & Communications
    Here you will find a folder containing logos, the University photo gallery, letterhead and templates.

* Note: Outside vendors must request digital files from the Office of Marketing and Communications at (815) 836-5299.

File Formats

Each file is available in three different formats. Use the descriptions below to select the proper format for each project.

JPEG ~ compressed files, saved as RGB for Macintosh or IBM compatible machines. Best suited for PowerPoint presentations or Web/Internet applications.

BMP ~ RGB files best suited for Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Publisher.

EPS ~ saved as CMYK for Macintosh or IBM compatible machines.

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