Applying to Lewis University is easy

  1. Complete the appropriate application from the list below (based on your student type and program of interest) in a secure online format.
  2. Submit the necessary transcripts or supporting documents for your program. Some programs have special admission requirements.

Student Categories

Freshman Undergraduate Application

Current high school students seeking admission as a college freshman should use one of the following application links.


Transfer/Adult Undergraduate Application

Complete this application if you are currently or previously enrolled at another college (regardless of grades and credits earned) and you want to earn a bachelor's degree from Lewis through our traditional or accelerated programs.

Graduate Application

Complete this application if you are a student seeking a master’s or post-master’s degree or certificate.

Occupational Therapy (MS) only – Prospective students must apply and submit all application materials to OTCAS.

Speech-Language Pathology (MS) only – Prospective students must apply and submit all application materials to CSDCAS.

International Application

Complete this application if you are a student currently living in the USA with a student visa, or if you live in another country and require a student visa to enter the USA.