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Freshman Students

You are a current high school student, seeking admission as a college freshman.

Phone: (815) 836-5250

Adult Undergraduate Students

You can demonstrate your ability to succeed in our accelerated programs through a personal statement and work experience, military training or college credit.

Phone: (815) 836-5250

Veteran and Military Students

You are active duty, a veteran, or a dependent of a military family.

Phone: (815) 836-5339

Transfer Students

You have taken courses at another college and want to earn a bachelor’s degree through our traditional programs.

Phone: (815) 836-5250

Graduate Students

You have a bachelor's degree, and are seeking admission to a master's or doctoral program.

Phone: (815) 836-5610 

International Students

You are a citizen of another country and have a valid F1 student visa (or will apply for F1 visa from your home country), and you are seeking admission as an undergraduate, transfer or graduate student.

Phone: (815) 836-5635