Editorial Style Guide

Mailing Addresses

The official mailing address for Lewis University’s main campus is:

Lewis University
One University Parkway
Romeoville, IL 60446

The numerical address designation One is always spelled out as well as the words University and Parkway.

The suburban site address is listed as follows:

Lewis University
Oak Brook
1111 W. 22nd St., Suite 700
Oak Brook, IL 60523

When using an address for mailing purposes, such as when listing a University address, it is acceptable to use the two-letter state codes designated by the U.S. Postal Service. In this case, IL for Illinois would be correct as shown above. This abbreviation should not be followed by a period. In the case of a state that is two words, periods may be included for clarity, such as N.Y.

In running text, however, use the abbreviations set out by the Associated Press. See States (Mailing Address vs. Running Text) under Abbreviations.

For formal invitations, remember to spell out the state in the address.

Remember to always spell out Parkway and Road. See States (Mailing Address vs. Running Text) under Abbreviations for additional rules.

When including a person’s name, or a specific department, office or college name along with the mailing address, list this information first and then the address. The internal box number (unit) of the person, office, department or college should also be included as follows:

Lewis University
Unit #
One University Parkway
Romeoville, IL 60446

Do not use box, box number or P.O. box in place of unit since University box numbers are internal and are not official post office box numbers. Doing so will delay receipt of this mail by the University.

Use the plus-4 ZIP code when possible. See the section titled Postal Guidelines for business reply mail regulations.

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