Graphics Standards - University Seal

Seal : Something that authenticates, confirms or attests

The official Lewis University seal is the Signum Fidei star within a fleur-de-lis encircled by the words Lewis University and Founded MCMXXXII. The words SIGNUM FIDEI are also included inside the seal’s inner-circle design.

Seal Usage

This seal is the formal identifier for the University, and its use should be limited to official documents.

Some acceptable uses include:

  • Presidential documents
  • Formal presidential note cards
  • Commencement programs
  • University diplomas

The seal should not be used in print advertising. In fact, in most printed materials, the use of the University logo is preferred.


The seal should be printed in either black, Lewis burgundy (PMS 202) or white (reversed). Except for special print techniques, these are the only colors which may be used to print the seal.

<Figure 1>

Note: Unlike the University logo, the University seal is generally not used with multi-colors. The third image has been placed in a box to demonstrate a graphic that is reversed out of a dark background. Please do not frame the logo. See Framing on Incorrect Uses.

Special Print Techniques

The seal may be embossed, engraved, foil stamped on paper, etched on metal or glass, cast in metal or carved in stone or wood. Some of these special print (and fabrication) techniques may produce colors other than the official colors previously stated (e.g., silver, gold, wood grain). Many of these techniques require special artwork. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for these digital files.

Clear Zone

The integrity of the seal demands that no words or images crowd, overlap or merge with it. All words and images used in proximity to the seal should be placed no closer than one-fourth of the seal’s width.

<Figure 2>


  • If the seal is 1" wide, then the clear zone is .25"
  • If the seal is 2" wide, then the clear zone is .5"
  • If the logo is 3" wide, then the clear zone is .75"

Minimum size

To ensure readability, do not reproduce the seal smaller than .75" diameter.

< Figure 3>

Print backgrounds

The seal may be printed over most solid colors, screens of color, illustrative or photographic backgrounds as long as it remains legible and reproduces clearly. However, the integrity of the seal demands that it never be integrated into illustrations, cartoons or other symbols or logos.

<Figure 4>


There are a few exceptions to the previously mentioned standards that have been approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

  1. The seal may be used as a design element for presidential cards, notes and other official printed materials with the following guidelines:

    <Figure 5>
    • The entire seal appears in an official color on the same page; and
    • The seal is printed as a screen of the same color, from 5 - 15%.
  2. The seal may be used on high-end bookstore merchandise such as pen and pencil sets, portfolios, etc.
  3. The seal may be placed on higher-end merchandise (e.g., dress shirts, ties, polo-style shirts).
  4. The Office of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to incorporate the University seal with other elements for special occasions or events (i.e., special anniversary seals, commemorative artwork, etc.)

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