What is SEMSE?

The Office for Student Engagement and Multicultural Student Enrichment (SEMSE) is the main resource center for all student and multicultural organizations on campus. Students can utilize SEMSE when they want to join a club or two on campus or, start their own! The office also provides support for organizational leadership, recruitment and retention of members. In addition, SEMSE helps students to complete campus forms, book meeting rooms and promote organizational events. Their departmental email ( can also be used to ask questions or, to request supplies for a club's meeting and/or upcoming events.

Organizational Services

  • Join a club or start your own!
  • Flyer / advertising approval
  • Purchasing of requested organizational supplies
  • Assistance in completing event request forms
  • Rental of JBL speakers, games and other office supplies and equipment
  • Assistance in requesting an organization budget

Departmental Services

  • Plan and execute monthly student engagement opportunities
  • Develop and facilitate monthly multicultural programming opportunities
  • Assist in coordinating targeted high school conferences for students of color
  • Advise Lewis Universities’ Student Senate (LUSS)
  • Advise the Greek life on campus
  • Advise the multicultural organizations on campus
  • Coordination of the student center office coverage seven days a week
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organizational review board


  • Lewis University STUDENT HANDBOOK
  • Registered student organization files including constitutions, and goal statements


  • The office of SEMSE is located in the Brother James Gaffney Center, room JG-14

Contact us

The Office for Student Engagement and Multicultural Student Enrichment (SEMSE)
c/o Lewis University
One University Parkway
Box 1211
Romeoville, IL 60446

Phone: 815-836-5834

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