Review Panel(s) and Process

The Culture of Inquiry Review Panel(s) will be appointed by the Provost. The Panel(s) will comprise faculty from across the four colleges who have the skills, abilities, and expertise to facilitate a rigorous and objective review. Consideration will be given to individuals who have had prior experience with similar processes such as successful grant submission, grant review, abstract or manuscript review, research or Institutional Review Board (IRB) experience. Faculty may be identified through a self-nominating process and/or colleague, Dean, Department Chair/Program Director nomination. Additional faculty representatives may be invited to participate on the Panel(s) for discipline-specific input as needed.

The review process will be conducted in a confidential manner to protect the intellectual property of the author and will use an established review rubric. Recommendations for proposal disposition will include one of three outcomes:

  1. Approve, no changes
  2. Approve, pending minimal additions
  3. Do not approve
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