Research Initiation Awards - Form and Submission

Research Initiation Awards

Research initiation awards will each be up to $3000. Up to four awards will be given in a year. Awards can be used to purchase any equipment, supplies, materials, surveys, or other instruments/tools needed to carry out a scholarly project. The proposed project must be for work not previously funded by an internal award at Lewis University or an external award granted for the project to be conducted at Lewis.

1. Applicant Information

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Phone Number:
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*Purpose statement and aims/goals of the project :

*Background/literature review:

*Theoretical framework, model or philosophical perspective that guides this study or project (applicable to your field)

*Approach or methodology that will be used to carry out the project:

* Cited current references

* Relevant supporting documents, e.g., letters of support from consultants and collaborators:

* Timeline:

* An itemized budget:

* For studies involving human subjects, investigator documents commitment to obtain IRB approval prior to initiating study.:

* Statement confirming the work has not been funded previously.:

Security Password (Please type the word ):

Regarding Purpose: Explain the ultimate goal of the project, not limited to the timeframe of a year, as to how this work will set you on the trajectory of this path.

Regarding Approach/Methodology:
describe how this project relates to your field and is using appropriate methodology for your discipline.

Regarding Impact of Results:
Provide tangible outcomes, if any.

Regarding Itemized Budget:
Budget items could include but are not limited to:
Data sets
Student research associate/student worker
Research participant expenses (With IRB approval)
Societal memberships (with justification)

Budget items that are not acceptable:
Course work relief
Personal faculty stipend

The proposal should be written in a clear informative style that can be understood by both academics in your field of study as well as outside your field of study. Define terms as appropriate and use consistent terminology to promote conceptual clarity.

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