Lewis University Faculty Scholar Award

In accord with the Lewis University Mission, eligible scholarly work advances knowledge in one's discipline. It has a theoretical component, a reasoned and logically coherent methodological approach, and a planned trajectory over time. The scholarship should result in a tangible outcome, which may be analytic, synthetic, or creative. Consistent with the work of the Culture of Inquiry Coordinating Committee, faculty academic inquiry is conceptualized using Boyer's model of faculty scholarship which includes (1) the scholarship of discovery; (2) the scholarship of integration; (3) the scholarship of application; and (4) the scholarship of teaching. Faculty reassignment time is not intended to be used for work that is within one's job description or teaching role. It is not intended to be used to meet accreditation and/or regulatory requirements within one's program, department, college or university. Sabbatical work, training or skill development, and time to complete requirements for an academic degree are not eligible, nor is release time that is already paid for by a second entity. Faculty members may apply for Lewis University Faculty Scholar Awards more than once, but not for the same project.

Faculty Eligibility

All full-time faculty members, at any rank (Instructor to Professor) at Lewis University, within CoB, CoESS and CoHFAC are eligible. Three awards are given annually with one reserved for a pre-tenured faculty member.

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