Sister Noel Dreska Fund for Lab Equipment and Materials

Sister Noel Dreska Fund for Lab Equipment and Materials:

An annual budget of $100,000 will be available in this fund to support the purchase of instruments and consumables to be used with the instruments. Instruments will be part of a core facility but may be housed in individual labs. Preference will be given to instruments that can be used by more than one faculty member, can be used in multiple projects, and will be used for long periods of time.

1. Applicant Information

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*Justification as to why the instrument is needed.

*A quote for the particular instrument.
Note: the intent is to fund several instruments in a fiscal year.

*The annual cost of consumables to operate the instrument with an itemized budget

*The function of the instrument explaining what kind of data can be acquired.

*A list of projects or faculty that may be able to use the instrument, or types of projects that could use the instrument.

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