Submission Process

The Lewis University Faculty Scholar Award application is for one semester in the following academic year.

The Caterpillar Scholar Award is for the following academic year.

Due dates for submissions are communicated each spring semester for the subsequent academic year.

In early September, by the published due date, applicants will submit a letter of intent (LOI) and a one-page summary of the proposed project. (See 'Letter of Intent - Form and Submission', on this site.) Applicants must indicate on the LOI that the Department Chair/Program Director are willing to support reassigned time in the semester requested, if funded. Please note: If there is more than one applicant for a particular project or study, each person seeking reassignment time must submit a LOI.

In late September, LOI's will be reviewed by the Internal Awards Committee within three weeks, selected faculty members will be invited to submit full proposals. The Panel(s) will provide rationales to those faculty members who are not invited to submit proposals.

In early November, faculty members must submit full proposals (See 'Proposal Application Format', on this site.) to the Internal Awards Committee. These proposals must indicate the semester for which the applicant is requesting reassignment.

In November, the Review Panel will evaluate full proposals and recommend awards to the Provost.

In December, applicants will receive decision letters. Denial letters will include summary comments for strengthening future proposals.

The LOI and proposal submission and review process for the Caterpillar Scholar Award program is the same as the Lewis University Scholar Award program. Applicants must submit a detailed budget with the proposal that specifically itemizes the supplies, equipment, or time requested. If time is requested, it must be stipulated whether reassignment time is requested for fall and/or spring semester.

LOI's should be submitted electronically, via this website. Proposals should be submitted electronically via e-mail to Dr. Mallory Havens, Chair of the Internal Awards Committee.

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