Brother Bernard Rapp Research Fellowship and Research Focus Awards - Form and Submission

Two awards will be given annually to support 12 hours of course reassignment for a single semester and $25,000 to support the proposed Research. Three awards of 6 hours of course reassignment for two consecutive semesters with $10,000 to support the proposed Research. The application may be written to consider a single project, or be written to encompass the breath of the work being carried out by researcher. If you would like one application to be consider for both the Fellowship and the Focus awards, please include two distinct budgets. The application must include the following items:

Application for: 
 Fellowship only   
 Focus only   
 Fellowship or Focus   

1. Applicant Information

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* Background Information with literature review

*Specific aims and objectives

*Preliminary data

*Proposed Methods

* Potential pitfalls and alternatives

* A budget

* Planned tangible outcome(s)

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This should be written for a diverse audience and will be shared via the University website and with donors. The abstract should not exceed 350 words.

Background information with literature review:
This should include a review of pertinent literature in the area of the proposed project. The proposed project should be put into the context of the existing knowledge and research. Gaps in current knowledge and a broad hypothesis or guiding idea should be clearly stated.

Preliminary data:
These awards are not intended for brand new projects, but to allow time and resources to expand on existing projects. Therefore, the applicant should provide preliminary data to support the feasibility of the project. Preliminary data does not need to be in a stand-alone section but can be integrated into the other sections of the application.

Specific Aims and objectives:
The specific aims of the proposed research should be addressed in detail. The aims should be clearly related back to the existing gap in knowledge and how completion of the aims will fill the gap.

Proposed methods:
The application must provide proposed methodology to address the specific aims proposed. Necessary equipment and resources should be noted.

Potential pitfalls and alternatives:
The application should address areas that may be pitfalls and suggest alternative approaches or experiments to overcome these pitfalls.

The financial award may be used for equipment, supplies, materials, publication fees, or research associated travel. If a budgeted item does not fall within the aforementioned categories, please consult with the director of scholarly initiatives prior to submission. The money may not be used to pay research assistant stipends.

Planned tangible outcome(s):
Tangible outcomes may include submission of a publication, submission of a grant with preliminary data, presentation of the research at a significant national or international conference. A summary must be submitted to the Director of Scholarly initiatives at the end of the fiscal year noting how the funds were spent, progress on the project, and what outcomes were achieved or are still in progress.

Note: For studies involving human subjects, investigator documents commitment to obtain IRB approval prior to initiating study.

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