Referrals & Consultations

How to make a referral

  1. Recommend campus services to the student.
  2. Determine the student's willingness to go to a helping resource. Reassure the student that it is an act of strength to ask for help.
  3. Dispute the myth that only "weak or crazy" people go for counseling or use others for help.
  4. Remind them that campus counseling resources are free and confidential services.
  5. Offer to help make the initial contact with the helping resource. 
  6. Offer to walk with student to the Student Wellness Center , if possible.

When to make a referral

  • When you have helped the student as much as you can but they still require more assistance.
  • When the student is talking about issues outside of your realm of expertise.
  • When the student asks for help/information you are unable to provide.
  • When you think your personal feelings  about the student will interfere with your objectivity.
  • When the student admits there is a problem but doesn’t want to talk to you about it.

Consulting with the Counseling Staff

You are also welcome to initiate a consultation with our counselors if you have a student you are concerned about. Simply contact the Center’s front desk @ x5455, identify yourself and request to consult with a counselor. 

Together, you and the counselor can determine the best course of action to help the student.  Keep in mind that counselors do not directly contact the student. 

It works best that the faculty, staff member or fellow that the student feels connected to offer assistance in getting the help they need.

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