Mental Health Urgent Care & Emergencies

Urgent Counseling Need during Center Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
For urgent concerns, students are encouraged to walk in to the Center for Student Wellness Center for assistance during office hours. Counseling staff will respond as soon as possible and assist students in receiving appropriate care.

Urgent Counseling Need after Center Hours

Any student who requires urgent after-hours Counseling Services should contact the Resident Life staff at DUTY (Ext. 3889) or (815) 836-3889 or Campus Police at Ext. 5222 or (815) 836-5222.  Students will be aided in securing appropriate assistance.

Emergency Care

In the case of a life-threatening emergency, students should call 911 or Campus Police at Ext. 5911 or (815) 836-5911 for emergency assistance.

Ambulance Services

Should University staff determine the need for a psychiatric emergency evaluation, the Romeoville Police/Fire departments will be called for ambulatory transportation to the hospital. In these cases, students are financially responsible for all costs related to the ambulance and off-campus care. Lewis Center staff do not transport students off campus. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange transportation to an off-campus care facility in non-emergency situations.

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