About Micro-credentialing at Lewis University

Micro-credentials are digital representations of your learning, designed so that you can share the skills you’ve gained. Micro-credentials, while not a replacement for certificates, minors, or degree programs, are a supplemental designation to provide evidence that you are working towards mastering critical 21st century competencies.

Micro-Credentials Badge

Our Micro-credential program allows students to gain relevant skills that enable them to distinguish themselves, academically and professionally.  A digital badge is a type of Micro-credential that allows students to show specific skills that they have gained through coursework or other formal learning experiences at Lewis. They are dynamic credentials that can be shared in social networks and professional contexts, including LinkedIn, resumes, e-portfolios and more.

A digital badge is an icon but it is not a static image. It is clickable and houses information such as the issuing institution, the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge and the evidence that shows that a student has met the required criteria.

Lewis has historically offered certificate programs and Continuing Education Units (CEU) to students and other constituencies.  This Micro-credential program enables programs to offer pre-existing certificates, program, and CEUs as digital badges.

Whether you are a recent alum, a member of the larger community, or Lewis faculty, staff or student, you can find a Micro-credential through programming designed to meet your specific needs related to re-skilling or up-skilling for continued professional success.


Getting Started

Step 1: Enroll in the Right Micro-credential for You

Lewis University Micro-credentials are designed for many types of learners. Explore currently offered Micro-credentials that meet your needs.

Step 2: Complete Requirements

Once you choose a program, complete all of the necessary requirements to receive the Micro-credential. These requirements will be specific to the activities or courses associated with the Micro-credential.

Step 3: Claim Your Badge

A Micro-credential can be represented through a single digital badge or a series of digital badges. Once you've completed all of the requirements to earn your Micro-credential and submitted your Micro-credential completion form, your digital badge will be issued to you within 3 weeks. You will receive an email from Credly’s Acclaim platform (admin@youracclaim.com) with the following subject: “Lewis University issued you a new badge.” Once you have received this email, take the following steps:

  1. Click the blue “Accept your badge” box in the middle of the message
  2. Create your Acclaim profile if you have not done so already 
  3. Accept your badge
  4. Share your badge to LinkedIn and other social media platforms

Step 4: Share Your Micro-credential

Once you've earned your badge, you can share it on your LinkedIn account, Resume/CV, or even embed it in your e-mail signature.

Micro-credentials serve as a digital representation of competencies gained through participation in Lewis University courses and/or co-curricular activities.

Step 5: Create Your Narrative

Now that you have earned a Micro-credential, it is important to reflect on the skills you have and language that you can use to talk about them. The practice of reflection will help you to develop a narrative around your professional development journey - which is important as you prepare for an interview, promotion, or other opportunities.

Faculty and staff


Lewis University is committed to working with employers and industry partners to develop meaningful Micro-credentials for both Lewis University learners and our local and global community. As a valued partner, we invite you to be a part of this process in several ways:

  • Discuss your needs and potential skills gaps with the Micro-credentialing team

    Micro-credentials signal that a learner is able to demonstrate a specific competency or set of competencies. Whether you are looking for ways to better identify qualified applicants or are seeking innovative ways to provide upskilling for your company, we are here to help.

  • Understand how to interpret a Micro-credential and identify its value

    Lewis University recognizes that recognition of Micro-credentials increases their value. By understanding how to interpret a Micro-credential, you will be able to better identify applicants that fit your needs and assess the professional development achievements of current employees.

 If you are an employer and/or an industry partner and are interested in learning more about Micro-credentialing at Lewis University, please contact our team at microcred@lewisu.edu