I sat staring out the window wondering what to do.

I picked up my cell phone, no messages.

I sighed at the realization that no one called me anymore.

I hadnít been out of the house in months.

I snapped out of my daydream and saw several birds sitting on the fence.

A few feet down from them I saw another bird, sitting all alone.

It kept glancing at the other birds, but they didnít notice.

They were too busy chirping and flitting away.

The bird started to move toward the others, but in that moment,

they all flew away in a frenzied manner.

The bird looked forlorn, and retreated to the bird bath

to take a few sips of water.

I stared at it sadly before picking up my cell phone one last time: no messages.

Then, I glanced over at the TV.

An episode of some show was on.

It was about some kid named Abigail who was left out by the other kids in her class.

I snatched the remote off of my bed and changed the channel.

When I looked back out the window, the bird was still sitting on the bird bath.

It looked up at me with its piercing black, beady eyes and gave me a pitiable look.



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