“Day at the Mall”



As I sit on the bench outside of the food court,

I see the old woman sitting across from me, resting her tired legs, as she waits for her

   family to come back from shopping,

A woman of about thirty swoops by in a frenzy,

She is still dressed in her business suit as she chatters loudly into her cell phone,

Her briefcase is swung over her right shoulder as she carries an Ann Taylor suit in her

    left hand,

The guy at the T-Mobile kiosk is talking hurriedly,

Antagonizing people as he yells across the mall trying to get their attention and persuade

 them to buy a phone,

A tired, haggard looking mother walks by while juggling many things,

She is a master of multitasking,

She carries several packages while dragging along two young boys,

Each holding an ice cream cone, one chocolate and one vanilla,

Both cones are dripping all over,

A vanquished looking boyfriend carries his girlfriend’s shopping bags,

As she drags him from store to store,

Three young teenage girls pass by gossiping and giggling,

They are all skinny and dressed like Britney Spears circa 1999,

They are each carrying one bag and trying to act mature, despite their giggles,

to impress the boys,

The janitor walks by, he looks fatigued and languid,

His eyes stay set on the floor, never looking up as he sweeps the ground with his broom,

The rich walk with a strut in their step,

Carrying their ten plus packages filled with Coach, Prada, and Gucci products,

Their expensive shoes clink on the linoleum floor and their hair perfectly colored and


The season is apparent as people walk around with heavy coats on or carried,

A young girl sits at the piercing pagoda, holding her mother’s hand,

Her face registers horror and she squeezes her mother’s hand tightly as the earring goes

 through her ear,

A man in his twenties hesitantly looks at engagement rings in the jewelry store,

Nervously glancing over his shoulder every so often,

A couple sits at the food court, eating timidly,

They appear to be on their first date, as they keep smiling shyly at each other,

And as I sit on this bench, I am one with everyone here,

For we are all the same, we are all at the mall for a purpose.



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