The Writing Center offers a variety of appointments for writers who are both on campus and off campus. Writers can schedule a Face-to-Face, Real-time Phone, Video, or Conversation appointment. Writers who wish to receive feedback without having to meet with a tutor should complete the online response form below:

The Writing Center allows for 30-minute appointments, but we request that students who schedule this length of time have papers less than five pages long

Schedule an Appointment Online!

To make an appointment online, visit", create an account, and sign in. The Writing Center schedule will open. Make an appointment with a tutor by double clicking on an empty white box and filling out the form that opens. Be sure to select the appointment type that works best for you. If you select “Real Time Phone Appointment,” a tutor will call you at your time of appointment. If you select “Video” your tutor will email you a Microsoft Teams link shortly before your appointment, you can click this to join the room and then meet with the tutor. Conversation appointments are only being held at the Writing Center itself and we are located in the LRC building.

Online Response

To request an Online Response, please complete the following form:

We will then assign your paper to one of our available tutors and they will provide comments via the comment section of Microsoft Word. Please note, it may take up to 48 hours to get the feedback to you.

Need Additional Help?

Call the Writing Center at (815) 836-5427 during normal business hours. A receptionist will assist you.