Pass/Fail FAQ


Due to the unprecedented circumstances that have led Lewis to transition to fully online courses, Lewis has adopted a temporary change to our grading policy, applicable only to the 2020 Spring semester and 2020 Summer terms.  This FAQ will enable you to navigate the policy and apply to convert classes from graded to Pass/Fail.

Who can convert their graded courses to Pass/Fail?

  • All undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert their courses to Pass/No Pass.

How many of my courses can I take Pass/Fail?

  • Students may convert any or all of their Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 courses to Pass/Fail.
  • For students in programs with 8-week classes in Spring 2020, only classes taken in the second eight-week term are eligible.
  • As you decide whether you want to take one or more classes Pass/Fail, it is important to remember that you must take 12 graded credits during the semester to qualify for the Dean’s List of Honors Students.

Can I take courses in my major and minor Pass/Fail?

  • Yes, courses in your major, minor, general education requirements, and electives are eligible.
  • There are exceptions. Requests to convert to Pass/Fail grading will not be approved if a letter grade is required for prerequisites, program progression, licensure requirements, or outside accreditation.
  • Visit for a Council for Higher Education Accreditation summary of changes made by recognized accrediting bodies.

What grade letter grade do I have to earn to get a Pass?

  • At the undergraduate level, grades of D- and above will convert to P. 
  • On the graduate level, grades of C and above will convert to P.

How will a Pass or Fail grade affect my grade point average?

  • The grade of Pass does not enter into the calculation of the grade point average. 
  • The grade of Fail counts like any other F in the calculation of the grade point average.

I have a high grade point average and graduating with honors is important to me.  Will taking classes Pass/Fail affect my eligibility?

  • Pass grades earned during the 2020 Spring semester and 2020 Summer terms will still count toward the 56 credits required to graduate with honors.

What is the deadline for applying to convert a grade to Pass/Fail?

  • 2020 Spring Semester – Tuesday, May 19, 2020
  • 2020 Summer Terms – Tuesday, September 8, 2020
  • This means you can request the change anytime between now and then.
  • It also enables you to wait until after you know your grade in the class before you apply to convert your grade to Pass/Fail.

I’m an athlete, am I eligible to take classes Pass/Fail?

  • Athletes are eligible, but you must contact your coach and Anthony Gliffe at for more information.

I’m a student veteran.  How will taking a class Pass/Fail affect my VA eligibility?

  • Student veterans are advised to reach out to the Military Education Resource Center:

What else should I know before I decide whether to take a class Pass/Fail?

  • Graduate schools may require that you have earned letter grades in particular major courses.
  • P grades may not transfer to other universities.

How do I request to take a class Pass/Fail?

  • Submit this form to the college in which your major is housed. 
  • Requests to convert to Pass/Fail grading are subject to approval.
  • If you are confused about which college you should contact, check degree works.  Your college name is in the header.  Here are the contact emails for each college:

I am repeating a course, because I did not pass it the first time, can I take the course Pass/Fail?

  • Yes, earning a Pass in the course would substitute for the original grade.

I am on academic probation, how will taking a class Pass/Fail affect my status?

  • Earning a P in a class will not raise your grade point average and may result in being placed on continued academic probation, if your grade point average does not increase during the Spring 2020 semester or 2020 Summer terms.
  • Earning an F would lower your grade point average and would adversely affect your academic status.