Welcome to the webpage of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) at Lewis University! As the central point for collecting, analyzing, and releasing institutional data, the Office of IRP endeavors to inform the Lewis community by providing official, reliable, and unbiased information and analysis in support of institutional planning, decision making, university operation, and institutional effectiveness at Lewis University.

IRP Mission

Committed to advancing Lewis’s Mission and Goals for excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship for student success, the Office of IRP provides consistent, accurate, and timely institutional data to inform the University leadership and all campus constituencies in the decision-making and planning process and support the University in the accomplishment of its Mission, Goals, and Strategic Priorities.

IRP Responsibilities and Major Tasks

Based on the responsibilities of the Office of IRP, the following are the major work and tasks that we accomplish: 

  • Provide institutional data and information to support the university leadership in institutional planning, decision making, and policy formation.

  • Support efforts related to institutional effectiveness, regional and specialized accreditations, program review, and institutional/program learning outcomes assessment.

  • Complete and/or coordinate the completion of federal and state government reports, reports from accrediting bodies, and other external reports/surveys.

  • Generate semester reports on student enrollment, credit hour production, student profiles, student persistence, and disseminate the reports in a timely manner.

  • Provide support for all internal institutional data needs from colleges, departments, and academic programs, as well as non-academic units.  

  • Regularly conduct institutional surveys and coordinate the administration of national surveys, proactively analyze survey data, and consistently translate survey data into useful information.

  • Produce publicly accessible statistical information of Lewis University, including Lewis University Fact Book and interactive institutional profiles.

  • Engage in in-depth research projects and report writing on topics of special concern; and support faculty, staff, and administrators in need of surveys, research, and data analysis.    

  • Advocate for quality and integrity of institutional data.

Institutional Data Sources

For convenient and easy access to the institutional data or information at Lewis University, commonly used or needed information is published on the OIRP website:

  • Standard Reports:  Published and updated annually on the OIRP webpage regularly, including, but not limited to, enrollment reports, credit hour production reports, student profiles, retention and graduation rate reports, Common Data Set, IPEDS data Feedback reports, peer comparison, etc.

  • Fact Book/interactive institutional profiles: designed, updated, and published annually on the OIRP webpage to provide historical statistical information of Lewis University on its annual progress and improvement related to its administration, academic programs, student support services, and other non-academic units of the university.

  • Institutional Data Request Form: If the data you need cannot be found in the published reports and/or fact books, use the data request form on the left to request the data you need.  A member of the OIRP staff will be assigned to work with you to get the data or information you need. 

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