Policy for Assessment Research

IRB approval is not required for routine assessment activities used for internal purposes only.

For cases in which academic assessment data (e.g. grades, course work, rubrics, surveys, focus groups, senior projects, etc.) are only used to provide student feedback, improve a course or academic program, or report findings to the Office of Assessment for University-wide academic program improvement, Lewis IRB approval is not required. In addition, the release of assessment data to present evidence of improvement in student learning outcomes/academic programs to accrediting agencies does not constitute distribution of research results outside the University, and therefore does not require IRB approval.

IRB approval is required if assessment results/findings are to be used in research/scholarly activities.

If there are plans to publish/distribute assessment results outside of Lewis University (e.g. publish results in hardcopy or online formats, present findings at a conference, etc.), IRB approval is required. If you have any intention to distribute assessment results/findings or would distribute the findings if they are interesting/valuable you should obtain IRB approval prior to the collection of assessment data from students/classroom activities. Students should be provided advanced notice of the classroom-related assessment research activity within the course syllabus.

In the event that interest for distributing assessment results/findings or analyzing assessment data for research purposes develops at a later date, IRB approval for the analysis/use of existing data is required as soon as there is intent to analyze the existing data for research/distribution purposes. In addition, IRB approval is required prior to the analysis of previously collected (past semesters) assessment data for research distribution purposes.

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