Lasallian Formation Programs

Catholic and Lasallian Formation Programs for Faculty and Staff

The Office of Mission and Identity provides access to a variety of opportunities for faculty and staff to deepen and extend their understanding of the University’s Catholic identity and Lasallian charism and heritage. These formal and informal programs and experiences are described below.

Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies

The Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies is an intensive Lasallian education and formation program that studies the life and work of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the origins of the Lasallian educational mission.  It is designed to inspire participants to delve more thoroughly into the Lasallian founding story and discover the basis of their vocation as educators. The program also seeks to deepen the participants’ association for the Lasallian mission and provide skills to become catalysts in their own ministries. Buttimer is a three-year program.  Courses are conducted for three consecutive summers, in two-week durations.  Graduate credits are available.

Brother John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice

This two-year national formation program focuses on deepening participants’ understanding of Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s story and vision, Lasallian pedagogy, the Lasallian promotion of justice and Lasallian spirituality while utilizing contemporary texts to inform and influence current and future Lasallian practice. This program is designed for Brothers and Partners who exercise mission influence and/or show potential for such in the future. Participants engage in prayer, study, reflection and dialogue that will provide an opportunity for assisting in more deeply animating our shared mission on the local level and within the broader Lasallian Family.

Collegium: A Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life

Collegium colloquies invite scholars to explore some of the most compelling aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition and to develop their own sense of vocation as intellectuals in a contemporary context. Participants usually include new faculty from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds curious about what role they have in the mission of their Catholic institution. The program's typical schedule of events includes small and large group discussions, opportunities for individual reflection, and major presentations by leading scholars. The curriculum includes both academic discussions and opportunities for personal and collaborative discernment about participants' future goals. Daily opportunities for individual reflection, prayer, journal keeping, and liturgy give fellows an opportunity beyond academic discussions to discern and reflect upon their individual experiences and hopes. In addition, one day is set aside during the week to encounter a particular Christian spirituality - Ignatian, Franciscan, Benedictine, Christian Feminist, Dominican - or simply to pray and reflect with a spiritual director.  

Exploring Lasallian Mission (ELM) Summer Workshop

The Exploring Lasallian Mission (ELM) Summer Workshop is a relaxed and informal professional development experience that builds upon what participants already know and appreciate about the Lasallian mission. Through this program, employees of Lewis University and other Lasallian ministries can better inform their own teaching and work – all in an effort to enhance the student experience at their respective institutions in the spirit of the Lasallian mission value of Association. ELM was specifically designed for those who are unable to participate in the lengthier and more formal national and international formation programs but are still curious and interested in learning more about core elements of the Lasallian charism. This four-day experience is structured around four major themes: (1) The Life and Times of Saint John Baptist de La Salle; (2) Classroom Pedagogy and the Christian Brothers; (3) Social Justice and Lasallian Spirituality; and (4) The Lasallian Educator and the Lasallian Movement. For additional information about ELM, please visit this page.

International Lasallian University Leadership Program

Specifically designed for full-time lay faculty and administrators at Lasallian universities worldwide, this international program is designed to enhance understanding of and commitment to Lasallian ideals and spiritual life. The program is held in Rome at Casa La Salle, a conference center within the Generalate (Motherhouse) of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Rome. Conference sessions are facilitated by outstanding professors and Lasallian scholars from around the world. These presentations will provide theoretical background and instruction on Lasallian history and spirituality as well as on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Other program elements will include plenary content sessions with small group discussions, meetings where participants cluster by academic discipline, as well as prayer, worship, and retreat.  With simultaneous bilingual translations in English and Spanish, multi-national participants will hail from different institutions around the globe. All activities are designed to create community. Opportunities for sightseeing trips to historic Roman sites will also be part of the program.    

During this experience, participants from each university will design practical projects and helpful programs to incorporate on their home campuses.  Upon completion of the program, participants will contribute to existing Mission integration efforts on their respective campuses by implementing these individualized projects in collaboration with their respective Mission Officer and colleagues. Supporting such efforts will be a network of fellow faculty participants gleaned from around the world.

Lasallian Social Justice Institute

The Lasallian Social Justice Institute (LSJI) is a formation program for Brothers and Partners which is based on the Gospel and our Lasallian vocation to the promotion of social justice and service to the poor. The Institute it is a response to the call from both grassroots Lasallians and General Chapters of the Brothers for programs that strengthen “association for educational services of the poor.” The purpose of LSJI is to promote the continuing process of conversion to solidarity with persons in poverty and to provide an authentic response to the Gospel and our Lasallian vocation.  It is designed to be experiential, educational, creatively practical and reflective.

For additional information about these opportunities and/or to express interest in participating in them, please contact Dr. Kurt Schackmuth, Vice President for Student Life and Chief Mission Officer, via e-mail at or call (815) 836.5810.

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