Land Acknowledgment

Campus Aerial View

Lewis University humbly assumes a centuries-old custom of Native Peoples to remember our common attachment to this land. As an institution of higher learning, it is our duty to remind future generations the debt we owe to the original stewards of this continent. As a Lasallian, Catholic institution, we nourish our common spirituality when we reflect upon the variety of historic experiences of people who have and will live in this sacred place. We express our appreciation to Midwest SOARRING Foundation for their support and partnership in preparing this Land Acknowledgment.

  • We acknowledge the Land on which we stand and occupy today as the original home of many past Indigenous peoples—most recently the Illini, Potawatomi, Ojibwa, Odawa, Sauk, Fox, and Miami.

  • We acknowledge Indigenous understanding of and reverence for the land and its resources, and the respect Indigenous people have shown towards all life upon it.

  • We acknowledge the history of racism and displacement of these peoples from their homelands and disrespect for traditional cultures.

  • We recognize the vast, collective wisdom of Native Nations past and present who continue to reside upon it now.

  • We acknowledge the extreme hardship Native and Non-Native Americans have endured on the road to recovering their cultures spiritually, physically, and economically.

  • We must now stand shoulder to shoulder to respect and give assistance to promote the inclusion of the Native Indigenous People in our society.

  • We must show the same reverence towards the land and our environment as Indigenous people have so that we, together, can begin to heal our tortured past and create a unified historical narrative of our common humanity.
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