Institute for the Advancement of Catholic & Lasallian Education

Institute for the Advancement of Catholic & Lasallian Education

In Support of Pre-K through12 Catholic Education.

The Institute offers assistance and programs to advance Pre-K through 12 Catholic education, preparing the next generation of educators and administrators to lead Catholic and Lasallian schools in their work to transform lives, educate all and instill Christian and Gospel values in those entrusted to their care.

Outreach Examples

  • Developed faith-based M.Ed. Leadership with Principal Endorsement cohort
  • Established professional development opportunities for Catholic educators and support staff
  • Consulted in areas of enrollment, marketing and strategic planning
  • Developed electronic survey tools used for Diocesan data collection and analysis
  • Provided service learning trips and internship hours by Lewis students
  • Developed dual credit online course for high school seniors to earn college credit
  • Created scholarship opportunities for Catholic educators seeking leadership roles
  • Created and implemented an inclusion program for students with disabilities in a Catholic school setting
  • Placed clinical and field experience teaching candidates in Diocesan and Lasallian schools
  • Established reading diagnostic clinics
  • Implemented T.E.A.M. (Technology Education Academic Model) in local Catholic schools
  • Developed Pre-K programs

Areas of Service

Leadership Development
The College of Education and Social Sciences offers a graduate program (M.Ed.) for Catholic and Lasallian educators specifically designed for faith-based principal preparation and/or teacher leadership. The first Education Leadership cohort graduated in December 2013.

Teacher Preparation
Lewis University has always been committed to the formation of teachers for Catholic and Lasallian schools. An emphasis on service and education for those most marginalized is fundamental to Lasallian education.

Professional Development
College of Education and Social Sciences
faculty have provided professional development at Catholic and Lasallian schools in the areas of differentiated instruction, comprehension strategies, formative and summative assessment of learning, curriculum modifications for students with disabilities, RTI, inquiry-based science instruction, the common core standards, and working with English Language Learners in the classroom. Keynote addresses, workshops, presentations and seminars will be customized to meet your needs.

Outreach and Consulting
Faculty, staff and students from across the University have reached out to Catholic and Lasallian schools in support of their vision and mission.

Grants and Research
Lewis University and the College of Education and Social Sciences actively seek grant funds to benefit Catholic and Lasallian schools. Recently, the College of Education and Social Sciences secured a grant from the Community Foundation of Will County to partner with area Catholic schools to give teachers the tools and training needed to integrate technology into reading and writing lessons to enhance literacy instruction in high need schools. The University also conducts and supports research related to effective practice in Catholic and/or Lasallian education, especially focusing on those most marginalized.

Lasallian Formation
The Institute offers a variety of mission-based professional development opportunities to expand and deepen faculty/staff understanding of Lasallian history, pedagogy, and spirituality, as well as Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s educational philosophy and his contributions to the teaching profession.

  • Exploring Lasallian Mission (ELM) Summer Workshop
    Specifically designed for those who work in Lasallian schools or who want to deepen their understanding of the Lasallian charism, Lewis University’s Exploring Lasallian Mission (ELM) Program is a summer workshop held each June during four half-day sessions which address the following topics:
    • History, Life and Times of Saint John Baptist de La Salle
    • Teacher Formation and Classroom Pedagogy
    • Social Justice and Spirituality
    • Vocation and Association
  • Facilitated by Lewis University faculty and staff, the ELM Program can help Lasallian educators inform their own teaching, work practices and the exploration of their vocation.
  • Customized Lasallian Formation Experiences and Seminars
  • Creative and customized Catholic and Lasallian formation experiences for teachers and staff can be developed with principals and campus ministers to address a variety of topics, including: the vocation of teaching; the spirituality of the Lasallian educator; the Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher; the Conduct of the Christian Schools; and, Saint De La Salle as classroom innovator.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Catholic/Lasallian Scholarship
Two 50% tuition scholarship opportunities are open for a teacher/administrator in a Catholic School in the Chicagoland area seeking an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with a moral and ethical framework and committed to school leadership. The scholarship application can be found here.

Diocese Tuition Discount
Additionally, to encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning and development of skills as educators and leaders, Lewis University is pleased to offer a 33% Diocesan tuition discount to employees of the Diocese of Joliet and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Executive Committee Members

Dr. Christopher Kline
Dean College of Education and Social Sciences

Dr. Kurt Schackmuth
Vice President for Student Life and Chief Mission Officer

Dr. Jennifer Buss
Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Catholic & Lasallian Education

For more information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Buss Director of the Institute for the Advancement of Catholic & Lasallian Education at

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