Graphics Standards - University Mascot

Mascot: a representative person, animal or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure, especially to bring them good luck

The athletic activities at Lewis University have special needs for visual representations. This is largely due to the application of the Flyers name and image. As such, special designs have been developed to accommodate this, using the University’s history of aviation.

The Lewis Flyer

The primary mascot graphic for Lewis University consists of Bedcheck Charlie and the words Lewis University Flyers. This is the preferred graphic for most merchandising and printed materials associated with the Department of Athletics, the Department of Aviation and the Office of Alumni Relations. For clarification purposes throughout this manual, this graphic will be referred to as The Lewis Flyer.
<Figure 1>

Bedcheck Charlie

A full body view of Bedcheck Charlie is also available for limited use. Originally drawn by comic book artist Milton Caniff, this mascot is harder to reproduce, and thus has special requirements:
<Figure 2>

  • Do not reduce to less than 1.75" tall.
  • Do not use when silk-screening or stitching on merchandise.
Flyer Mark

Occasionally, the individual Flyer “mark” may be used as a design element for various printed materials or merchandise as long as the Lewis Flyer appears in its entirety in the same publication.
<Figure 3>

Flyer Nameplate

A Lewis Flyers nameplate has been created for use in smaller applications when the preferred Lewis Flyer will not reproduce well. Possible applications include envelopes, bookstore merchandise, Web pages and pins.
<Figure 4>

Each of the mascot graphics are available in a variety of formats and colors.
<Figure 5>

Flat vs. Shaded

Flat or high-contrast versions do not contain shadows and gradients, and should be used when the product will be laserprinted, photocopied and/or faxed.

Shaded versions should be used when using an outside vendor, or high-end printer.

Color Options

  • One Color - Permitted colors are black, athletic red (PMS 199) or white (reversed).
  • Two Color - Black and athletic red (PMS 199) are the official athletic colors.
  • Four Color (Full Color) - Bedcheck Charlie and the Lewis Flyer are available for use when printing in process colors (CMYK).
Special Print Techniques

The mascot may be embossed, engraved, foil stamped on paper, etched on metal or glass, cast in metal or carved in stone or wood. Some of these special print (and fabrication) techniques may produce colors other than the official colors previously stated (e.g., silver, gold, wood grain). Many of these techniques require special artwork. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for these digital files.

Electronic Files

All approved logos are stored as digital files in Blackboard.

  1. Using your Web browser, visit:

  2. Log in using your normal login credentials. For new Blackboard users, use your Lewis e-mail ID for both the username and password. (e.g., if your e-mail address is, then your initial username and password will be “smithan”).

  3. Go to Institution Page in the upper left navigation

  4. Scroll down to Helpful Links – Faculty & Staff

  5. Open the Show All link

  6. Click on Marketing & Communications
    Here you will find a folder containing logos, the University photo gallery, letterhead and templates.

* Note: Outside vendors must request digital files from the Office of Marketing and Communications at (815) 836-5299.

File Formats

Each file listed in Figure 11 is available in two different formats (JPEG and EPS).