Graphics Standards - Athletic Uniform/Apparel

Lewis University’s athletic teams require special needs for their uniforms and apparel. These designs have been developed using some traditional imagery, as well as lettering unique to Lewis University. For questions regarding these files and their usage, or to request digital artwork, please contact Lewis University’s Associate Director of Athletics at (815) 836-5228.

Collegiate Block

The collegiate block is used on the uniforms of all teams with the exception of baseball, softball and swimming. The lettering options are straight or curved depending on the uniform needs of a particular sport, and contain either the words LEWIS or FLYERS.

The block “L” may be used on pants, jerseys, hats, etc. “LU” is NEVER to be used.

<Figure 1>

Individual Sports Identity

This option allows each team the flexibility to utilize a simpler graphic while still clearly identifying the University.

These sport-specific logotypes provide the Department of Athletics and the individual teams a secondary option for warm-ups, t-shirts, sweatshirts, travel bags, letterhead and envelopes. Bedcheck Charlie will remain the primary
athletics logo.

<Figure 2>

Sports Script

The Sports Script is a traditional design used by the baseball and softball teams. This design has been used by these teams for a long period of time and is identifiable in their respective sport. Block lettering is not a common look among baseball and softball teams, hence the use of the Sports Script.

Swimming may also employ the Sports Script for its competition suits or for its swimming caps.

The Script “L” will be used on baseball hats and potentially on swimming caps.

<Figure 3>