Web Print

Lewis University is pleased to show the updated Web Print which provides the ability to send your print jobs via the Internet to any of the public computer lab printers at main campus. Below, you will find the new directions on how to print at Lewis University.

Logging into Web Print

  1. Go to and login at https://my.lewisu.edu
  2. Select the "Resources" tab
  3. Log into PaperCut with your Mylewis Username and Password

Uploading Documents

  1. Click on Web Print to upload your document(s).

    *Note* Documents remain pending in the print queue for up to 24 hours then they are automatically purged.

  2. Click on Submit a Job.

  3. There are four different printers to choose from, once you choose the printer you want. Click on Print Options and Account Selection to continue.

  4. Make sure to only print 1 copy. Then, click on Upload Document.

  5. You may drag items from a location or click Upload from computer to select a file from your computer’s file system.

    Once you have selected the files to print, click Upload & Complete

    Your print jobs will now be held in the printer queue for 24 hours.

Releasing/Printing Documents

Option 1:
  1. When you are on-campus, go to one of the public computer labs and choose a printer release station.
    • Students: If a student card swipe machine is available, swipe your Student ID card or log into the print release station with your username and your current email password.
    • Faculty/Staff: Faculty/Staff can utilize the card swipe machines as well. Log into the machine with your username and your current email password.
  2. Your document(s) will display on the print release station monitor.
  3. Select the document(s) to print and click Print.
Option 2:
*Note* If you select Option 2, your job will go directly to the printer and print immediately. Be prepared to pick up your print job immediately at the chosen printer.
  1. Log into PaperCut via the Internet.
  2. Click on Jobs Pending Release.
  3. You can do one of the following:
    • Release All the job
    • Cancel All the job
    • To print your document(s), click on Release All and select the printer to release your job(s). For example, if you are in the Library Lab, select a0papercut\LibraryLab1
      Your document(s) will print to that printer.
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