Tuition Exchange Programs (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions for the Tuition Exchange Program

Are all Lewis University employees eligible to participate in the tuition exchange programs?
(HR policy #3.1030) All Regular full time personnel who are eligible for 100% benefits as stated in policy #3.1020 are eligible to participate at the undergraduate level only for their dependent children in tuition exchange programs in which the University is a member.

Are these tuition exchange programs extended to retired faculty?
(Tuition Exchange HR policy #3.1030) Refers to HR policy #3.1020, retired faculty and staff are eligible for tuition benefits and tuition exchange benefits as outlined in the policy. Therefore, retired faculty would have the tuition exchange benefits for undergraduate dependents who qualify.

While Lewis University has an October 1 deadline, do the other schools participating also have deadlines and how do I find that out?
Lewis University is involved in three tuition exchange programs. Each program has a set of rules and regulations governing the program. Each University has two deadlines. One deadline only applies to internal employees to determine that they would like to export a dependent and participate in the program. Lewis University uses October 1st for this internal deadline. Lewis University will accept export applicants after the deadline. The University deadline is different than the Tuition Exchange Program deadline. Each University sets a deadline in order to process the exchange applicants in a timely fashion. Other institutions have deadlines for the internal process that would only affect the employees of that institution. Lewis University set the deadline to October 1 in order to help the exporting student have a greater chance for acceptance in the program at participating institutions. The application process requires the deadline is met at the other participating institutions. By setting the deadline early, we allow for time to meet the other participating institutions’ deadlines (which can be determined by either the TE website or by contacting the institution) and increases ability to utilize the program. The deadlines for the tuition exchange programs differ at the participating institutions. Lewis University has a rolling deadline for imports which means there are no limits of imports by a deadline date. Other institutions have different experiences with the number of imports they receive. For example, they may have 100 applicants for the three spots on the program. A general rule of thumb for institutional deadlines is April.

When will I know if I qualify for the tuition exchange program at Lewis University? 
First, you must meet the criteria set forth in the Lewis University policy #3.1030 for eligibility. The application process must be completed for general admission at the participating institution. The TE, Inc., CCCTE or CIC-TEP application can immediately be sent for review to apply for the scholarship at the participating Tuition Exchange Institution. There is no limit on the number of exports Lewis University sends to these programs. The participating institution can accept the application but will not be able to decide until the acceptance letter is received and they have made the scholarship selections. Each participating institution has different criteria for selecting the imported students to its program. They notify the scholarship recipients as the decision is made.  All programs have a deadline of May 1st to make their final decisions.

Do I have to apply each year for the four years my child attends a school?
You will need to meet the following criteria for continuation in the program:

  1. You must apply for recertification with the Office of Human Resources usually by October 1st and
  2. Meet the Academic progress requirements for the importing institution. Institutions will renew the scholarship for a maximum total of 8 semesters. Summer classes and study abroad are not included.

Can my child transfer from Lewis University to one of the participating schools?
Yes, your dependent is eligible to transfer to a participating institution after attending Lewis University. However, each participating institution has set its policy for imports and some institutions have determined that they do not accept 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year students into the program. If the institution does accept transferred students, the application process would be determined by your ability to meet the deadline of the importing institution. Remember that the application and transcripts must be sent the prior year, so the exported student must plan ahead to be considered for this scholarship and meet the deadlines for that participating institution.

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