Tuition Exchange Programs

The University’s Human Resources policies on Tuition Benefits (#3.1020) and Tuition Exchange Benefits (#3.1030) apply to participation in each of the three tuition exchange programs to which the University belongs.  Each exchange has its own participation and exchange requirements.

  1. The Tuition Exchange, Inc
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    Membership: 750+ colleges and universities

    • This is the most restrictive of the tuition exchange programs -> member institutions must maintain a one-on-one balance of export/import.
    • Because our participation is limited by the number of imports we attract and retain, an internal application deadline of October 1 and years of service are used to determine eligibility.
    • There is a $45 application fee for active participating student each year.
  3. The Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program
  4. See List.

    Membership: over 440 colleges and universities

    • A participating institution is required to import three new students each year-> maximum of 12 students over a four-year period.
    • There is no limit to the number of students we can export, as participation is reliant upon the host institution’s acceptance of a Lewis applicant.
    • There is no application fee.
  5. Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange
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    Membership:  71 Catholic colleges and universities (more than half also in CIC-TEP)

    • No participating institutions may import more than 5 students per academic year over the number of students it exports to other institutions.
    • There is no limit on the number of students exported in a given academic year, as participation is reliant upon the host institution's acceptance of a Lewis applicant.
    • There is no fee for application.
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