Tuition Exchange Scholarship Opportunity

Policy #3.1030
Effective: 4/7/92

All regular full-time personnel who are eligible for 100% benefits as stated in policy #3.1020 are eligible to participate at the undergraduate level only for their dependent children in tuition exchange programs in which the University is a member.

All admissions, financial aid, business office, housing and benefits compliance requirements of the host school shall apply. All regulations of the tuition exchange programs of which the University is a member shall also apply.

Personnel interested in enrolling a dependent in a member school must file a tuition exchange application with the Office of Human Resources by the deadline date stated below:

Matriculation Term Application Deadline
Fall term October 1 of previous year
Spring term February 1 of previous year

If the Tuition Exchange program/s places limits on exporting students to host schools and more than one individual applies for the same school through the same Tuition Exchange program prior to the deadline date, preference will be given to the dependent of the employee with the greater number of years of service. Applications filed after the deadline date will be handled on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Additional information, including member school listings of the tuition exchanges and applications are available in the Office of Human Resources.

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