Summer Flexible Schedule

Policy: 3.3010
Effective: 1/1/01

Summer Schedule

At the discretion of each unit head, regular full-time personnel may be given the opportunity to work flexible hours during a prescribed time period each summer. If applicable, this schedule may entail condensing the normal week’s work hours into four working days, with the employee, typically, taking either a Monday or a Friday off. Because such a schedule may not be feasible for all units, each unit head has the responsibility for determining whether his/her unit shall participate in the summer schedule.

The time period for summer scheduling shall be announced annually but shall typically cover the twelve weeks that extend from the week following May commencement through the first week of August. The weeks of Memorial Day and Fourth of July are excluded from summer scheduling; therefore, regular hours will be worked during those weeks.

General Information

Unit heads, when exercising the summer schedule option, shall be responsible for ensuring that the following conditions are met.

  1. Schedules within departments must be staggered so that departments are staffed Monday through Friday for normal or extended business hours. Unit heads must consult with other unit heads to assure that the needs of collaborating units are met.
  2. Departments that service students will remain open during the hours published in the Summer/ Fall schedule book and elsewhere in order to accommodate students participating in the Fall registration and advising process.
  3. Unit heads will closely monitor work completion to ensure that neither work flow nor volume is hampered because of the condensed work week.
  4. Flexible scheduling cannot reduce an employee’s scheduled week by more than one day. Therefore, the number of work days in a week can be no fewer than four days and no more than ten hours can be scheduled. Also, no more than ten (10) hours can be either worked or taken as PTO or STDB in one day.
  5. No more than one (1) PTO day may be used in a week of flexible scheduling. In such a case, the week would consist of one (1) PTO day and three (3) work days, the total hours of which must equal 37.5 or 40, as applicable.
  6. Personnel utilizing PTO or STDB benefits for a full day during a week of flexible scheduling shall be “charged” the number of flexible scheduled hours. For example, an employee regularly scheduled to work 40 hours will have 10 hours deducted from their PTO benefit for the day off. Likewise, if an employee takes a full week of PTO during the summer schedule, the normal 40 or 37.5 hours will be deducted from their PTO benefit.
  7. Whenever partial PTO days are used, the applicable PTO hours will be added to the number of hours worked to equal the hours scheduled in order to avoid loss in pay.
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