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Short Term Disability Bank (STDB)

Of Sick Days

Policy #3.1080
Effective: 1/1/01

All regular full time and regular part time exempt and non exempt employees shall be granted STDB sick days at the rate of five days per calendar year, which shall accumulate from year to year without limitation.

Newly hired exempt employees and non exempt employees still within the initial ninety days of employment on January 1 shall receive sick days at the following rates: (a) exempt employees: 3 hours; (b) clerical/secretarial: 3 hours; or (c) service employees: 3.25 hours per month until the following January 1. Non exempt employees must complete the probationary period before accruing STDB days.

The STDB benefit is for use for absence from work lasting more than three full consecutive work days due to illness or injury and requires a written physician's certification of inability to work on the specific days absent. Please note that being absent two consecutive days and reporting to work late on the third day shall not constitute the "three full consecutive work days" requirement of this policy.

All available STDB sick days must be utilized while on a Family/Medical Leave (policy #3.2020) that exceeds three consecutive work days.

In keeping with Lewis University's Mission values of justice and association, STDB sick days may also be utilized to care for an immediate family member (as defined in amended policy #3.2050). Approval of such time must be pre-approved by the Office of Human Resources and to extend no longer than fifteen (15) working days per calendar year, that is not otherwise covered by FMLA.

General Information

  • On December 31, 1995, all previously accrued sick days shall be rolled over and shall become the STDB (to which five days will be added each January 1).

  • Part time employees shall earn sick days on a pro-rated basis. Regular part-time employees whose regularly scheduled work days are not consecutive, shall use STDB sick days for illness which exceeds six calendar days. All other aspects of this policy shall be applicable.

  • Employees must obtain a physician's written release to return to work following an STDB absence. Any light duty restrictions by a physician must also be detailed in writing. The unit head, in consultation with a representative of the Office of Human Resources, will determine if the light duty restrictions can be accommodated.

  • On an annual basis employees may convert up to five (5) days unused PTO into STDB. Such conversion, which must take place between November 15 and December 15, is binding (i.e., PTO once converted to STDB cannot be converted back to PTO including at separation of employment). Such conversion must be initiated by the employee on a STDB Conversion Form (Exhibit #9); unused PTO not eligible for carry-over will not automatically be converted at the end of the calendar year

  • Employees may not utilize the medical services of the University's contracted physician to provide written verification of inability to work, certification for FMLA, or for the use of STDB benefits.

  • Unused STDB sick days are not payable upon termination of employment.
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