Worker's Compensation Policy

Policy #3.2070
Effective: 7/1/85

The University carries workers' compensation insurance coverage as required by law to protect employees, including student employees. This coverage is intended to provide medical care and, if applicable, pay for lost time resulting from injuries sustained in the performance of the employee's job. Work related illnesses may also be compensable under workers' compensation.

An injury, no matter how minor, must be reported immediately, following this procedure.

  1. To receive emergency care, contact Campus Security or Student Wellness Center. In the event of critical injury or illness, when transportation to a hospital is needed, Campus Security is to be notified immediately to call for an ambulance.
  2. Notify the supervisor immediately.
  3. Report the incident as soon as possible to the Office of Human Resources for the completion of the Employee's Report of Injury (Exhibit 17) and an explanation of further procedures and benefits. Obtain from the Office of Human Resources an introductory medical letter to be given to the treating medical physician/facility.
  4. Inform any health care provider who provides treatment for such injury that the claim is a workers' compensation claim and that invoices are to be directed to the Office of Human Resources. Such invoices are not to be filed against the employee's coverage under the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Services.
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