Benefits - FAQ

Health Insurance

If I were to accept a position at Lewis when would my health insurance coverage begin?
Health insurance coverage starts the first of the month, following the employee’s date of hire.

Do I have to enroll in the University’s Health Plan?
No, employees have the option of waiving the health coverage.

If I waive the health insurance plan when I start employment, can I join at a later time?
If an employee loses coverage through another health plan, they can join the Christian Brothers health plan effective the day after that coverage ends, provided application is made within 30 days from the time of lost coverage. If the employee has not lost access to their other coverage, they can still join our health plan, however, there will be a 6 month waiting period.

Am I able to sign up for just the dental and vision coverage and not the medical insurance?
No, our insurance comes as a package, which includes medical, dental, prescription and vision coverage.

Pension and Retirement

Am I able to contribute any of my earnings toward my pension plan?

No, the University contributes the 6% of your salary into the Christian Brothers defined pension program, for you. Nothing comes out of your pay for pension. Lewis does, however, offer options to our employees if they want to contribute money into a 403b.

How long must I work at Lewis to be vested in the pension program?
An employee is vested in the pension program after 4 years, 9 months of service.

How is my Retirement funded?
The Plan is financed entirely by contributions for each employee and the investment earnings on the plan’s assets.


Does the University close for the Christmas Break?
Yes, typically the University closes between December 24 and January 1st. This paid time off is in excess of the holidays and PTO (Paid Time Off) and fluctuates each calendar year due to how the calendar dates fall.

How many paid holidays do we get during the year?
Including the 7 days given around the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, our employees have a total of 15 paid holidays.

Tuition Exchange

When is the deadline for the tuition exchange?
The deadline for the Lewis University internal application for the tuition exchange is October 1 of the previous year. (for First Year Admission the student applies when they are in their senior year High School) (Policy #3.1030 Tuition Exchange Benefit)

Tuition Waiver at Lewis

How many classes am I allowed to take in the evening hours?
Depending on the hours that your position requires, you may enroll in any classes with your unit head’s approval, as long as your work is not adversely interrupted.

How long do I have to be at Lewis to get full-free undergraduate tuition for my dependents?
A full time employee receives 50% free tuition after 6 months of employment and 100% free tuition for dependents after 1 year of service. A half-time employee receives 25% free tuition for dependents after 6 months and 50% after one-year.

Miscellaneous Personnel

Can I see my personnel file?
Yes, you have the right to review the contents of your file in the presence of a member of the Office of Human Resources. (Policy #6.1010)

Who do I contact if I have a complaint?
To file a complaint you may contact the Associate Vice President for the Office of Human Resources at Ext. 5548 or may contact in writing to

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