Funding Option B: Reading Groups

The University Faculty Development Fund supports faculty who want to engage with other faculty across departments in the reading and discussion of a book. The text may address issues in higher education, teaching and learning, cultural matters, or contemporary works.

Funding from this category will support the purchase of books and other reading materials that serve as the basis for the group's discussion up to a maximum of $30 per participant in the reading group and a maximum of $400 per group.

There must be a minimum of 5 faculty participants and the group must be open to faculty across the University in order to receive funding. When publicizing a reading group, please provide a short description of the text and the discussion format, and send to all University faculty.

One person should serve as the coordinator of the group. It is the coordinator's responsibility to complete the budget calculations and to submit names of participants along with receipts for reimbursement. The group coordinator will also be responsible for collecting a feedback survey from participants.

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