Financial Hardship Withdrawal Policy


Tuition Charge Appeal

If a student experienced an extenuating circumstance that justifies an exception to the COMPLETE COURSE withdraw policy, a tuition charge appeal may be filed.  The Tuition Charge Appeal process is only for a review of tuition charges due to a complete withdraw from courses for circumstances beyond a student’s control.  It is important to note that academic standing or course grades (pending or final) are not a reason for an appeal.

Appeals must be received no later than 30 days from the end of the term in which the course was offered. Appeals received after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Appeals must be emailed with supporting documentation (medical verification, counselor’s note, obituary, etc.), personal letter, and the completed Tuition Charge Appeal Form.  Incomplete appeal submissions will not be reviewed.  Appeals must be made by the student.

Student’s Extenuating Circumstances for an Appeal:

  • Significant illness or injury.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Significant illness or injury to a family member that required the support and care of the student.
  • Mental health condition.
  • Death in the immediate family.
  • Sudden or consistent lack of transportation for commuter status student.
  • Significant increase in living expenses for commuter status student.

Circumstances NOT valid for an Appeal:

  • Enrollment at another college.
  • Advising or academic processing issues or errors. 
  • Unaware of deadlines or not knowing you were registered.
  • Unable to login or access myLewis portal.
  • Insufficient financial aid.
  • Owe a balance.
  • Dissatisfaction with the course content, instructor, or grade.
  • Disciplinary reasons.

Steps for an Appeal:

  1. Must be officially withdrawn from all semester courses.
  2. Email a completed Tuition Charge Appeal form.
  3. Email supporting or verifying documentation with personal letter outlining circumstances.
  4. Consult with Financial Aid Services to review possible aid changes; this can include but is not limited to reduced loans or other awards.
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