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Begin the migration process of transitioning your Blackboard Original Content into Ultra using this form.

Have you completed training in Ultra and are ready to convert your Original materials into Ultra? All faculty are encouraged to migrate their Blackboard Original course materials into Ultra prior to the start of the Fall 2024 term when Original will no longer be available. You will need to know what class you are converting and which way you would like to convert your materials. Use this form to start migrating your Original course content into Blackboard Ultra.

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Module Only Template- Choose from the 8 or 16 week template containing empty modules. You can copy in materials from original and then drag and drop to the appropriate module. Weeks can be renamed to units, modules, etc. No contents inside of module. Instructor populates or copies all materials and order inside of the module for each week.

Formatted Modules Template- A module format with suggested pre-structured items and folder that the instructor can edit and populate with their contents. This template will help you re-build or re-design your course. Template contains weekly overview, objectives, to do list, instructional materials and assignments folders.

Blank Ultra Course- This type of shell will allow you to copy in materials from an original course or other Ultra courses. Select this type of course if the course is face to face or is highly structured in the original format. Course will have default message saying "Get Started" - Instructors will select copy content when the select the plus symbol.

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