Executive Summary

An essential component of technology operations at Lewis University is an inclusive, collaborative governance structure.  Governance provides oversight and advisory services for the planning, implementation, evaluation and sustainment of technology resources.  Such oversight and advisory services are essential to reaching the University’s strategic technology goals.   An appropriate governance structure also promotes transparency in the lifecycle of technology resources and services on the University’s campus and satellite locations.
Working in conjunction with existing University governance frameworks, the technology governance structure will promote a more inclusive process for the introduction and management of technology for Lewis University.  Benefits of the governance structure include the following:

  • Stronger alignment of technology initiatives with the University mission
  • Promotion of informed technology decision-making
  • More active participation in the selection and evaluation of technology resources
  • Increased transparency and collaboration in all aspects of University technology operations
  • Greater accountability for the selection and management of technology resources

Viable, inclusive technology governance ensures that Lewis University makes the best-informed decisions in advancing technology in all aspects of the institution. 

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