Teaching Tuesdays

Teaching Tuesdays
Welcome to Teaching Tuesdays 2020:
Lasallian Pedagogy for Digital Teaching

Teaching Tuesdays 2020 is sponsored by:

The Office of the Provost: Dr. Christopher Sindt, Dr. Anne Rapp and Dr. Bill Chura.

Lewis University Faculty Development Committee:

  • Dr. Deb Augsburger, COESS
  • Bob Bergman, COB
  • Dr. Kristin Callahan, COHFAC
  • Dr. Mike Cherry, COB (Chair
  • Anne McShane, CONHP
  • Dr. Brittany Stephenson, COAST
  • Dr. Cindy Stevens, SGPCE

We invite you to reflect, and take action, on your teaching and learning as we enter a new era of teaching. We will focus on methods for increasing ‘engagement’ in the classroom, digital or otherwise!

Please complete the following application, providing the requested information and clicking submit. When you submit your application, you will receive a message that your submission was accepted. You will also receive an e-mail with a copy of your registration. Please retain that for your reference. If you do not receive an e-mail copy of your registration, you are not registered. If that happens, please contact Jill Canaday at canadama@lewisu.edu.

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