Recommended Readings on Grief

Read below for brief descriptions of books on grief and loss.

Grief's Courageous Journey
Caplan & Lang
An inspirational and compassionate workbook on working through the grieving process. Includes information, stories and exercises.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Harold Kushner
A thought-provoking book on struggling with the universal human question of why we suffer. Includes many spiritual perspectives on the question of suffering and its related purpose.

Life After Loss
Bob Deits
An excellent resource that addresses grief relating to a variety of losses (relationships, job) including grieving for someone who has died.
Time to Remember
Earl Grollman
A practical guide for helping people through the initial stages of the grieving process.

Understanding Grief: Helping Yourself Heal
Allen Wolfelt
A sensitive and reassuring resource for anyone who anyone who is mourning.

Recommended "Counselinks" on Grief

Listed below are recommended web sites with information on coping with grief and loss.

Center for Loss
A comprehensive site with extensive information on grief and loss.

National Board of Certified Counselors
Provides referrals for certified counselors (master's degree plus one year experience)

America Psychological Association - Finding psychologists
Provides referrals for licensed psychologists (doctoral degree plus one year experience)

American Psychological Association
Provides very credible information on a variety of psychological issues.


Counseling Services can be reached at (815) 836-5455 during hours of operation.

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