Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Police Department located?
The main office of the University Police Department is located on the ground floor of the Learning Resource Center (LR-G24). Normal business hours are 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. The Communication Center at the entrance of campus is open 24 hours a day. The non-emergency number is (815) 836-5222 or Ext. 5222 and the emergency phone number is (815) 836-5911 or Ext. 5911.

I have a parking permit from last year. Do I need to get a new one? 
All Student and Faculty/Staff permits expire June 30th of each year.  You must obtain a new permit each year.  If you change vehicles, please remove the sticker from your vehicle and bring it to the main office in LR-G24 to be issued a new sticker at no charge.

I was a resident last year and I am a commuter student this year (or vice versa), what should I do about parking? 
If you change status (from commuter to resident or resident to commuter), please remove the sticker from your vehicle and bring it to the main office in LR-G24 to be issued a new sticker at no charge.

What are the costs for parking permits? 
Parking permits are issued free of charge to students and employees.

I recently had knee surgery; can I get a temporary disability permit from University Police?
Local police departments cannot issue permits which allow individuals to park in disability spots. These spots are strictly regulated by the Secretary of State’s Office.

If you and your doctor feel temporary handicapped parking is needed, you may apply for a placard through the Secretary of State’s Office at

I am a commuter student and have trouble finding parking, where can I park?
There are always available parking spaces for students and employees. Commuters can often find open spaces There are in lots GG (west of the Student Recreation and Fitness Center), NN (southwest of the soccer field), and lot W (north of the baseball field).

My car did not start this morning and I will be bringing a car that is not registered. What should I do so that I do not get a ticket?
Come to the Police Department main office (LR-G24) and request a temporary permit. These permits are valid for one week. Temporary permits may be issued up to 4 times each semester and are free of charge.

I am a graduate student, do I need to register my vehicle and get a parking permit? 
Yes, all vehicles parked on the Lewis University Romeoville campus must be registered with a parking permit.

I work full time and cannot get to the University until after business hours, how can I get a parking permit and student ID? 
All permits are ordered online and are mailed to the driver’s mailing address.  Upon registering for a permit, the driver will receive an email with printable file attached that may be printed and used as a Temporary Permit that until receiving the regular permit in the mail.

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