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The Diversity DVD Library (a work in progress) is located in U-212 of the Student Union. This resource room is a joint venture by the offices of Multicultural Student Services, Student Leadership and Development, and International Student Services.

The resource room is available for educational use by students, staff and faculty at Lewis University. Educational rights for DVD’s have been purchased.

We hope to build up our book collections as well as various articles pertaining to diversity, leadership and international issues.

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1.  ABC News Primetime Live “Ethical Dilemmas” Part 2. Various scenarios are set up by actors to see how people react to conflicts. One segment there is a Black couple arguing in a public park; a group of boys bullying another boy; a married white couple arguing in public. The reactions or lack of by passerby ’s is all caught on tape.

2.  A Class Apart:  A Mexican American Civil Rights Story (DVD - 60 min.s)  In the small town of Edna, Texas, in 1951, a field hand named Pete Hernandez killed a tenant farmer after exchanging words in a gritty cantina.  From this seemingly unremarkable murder emerged a landmark civil rigths case that would forever change the lives and legal standing of tens of millions of Americans.  This AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film tells the little-known story of an underdog band of Mexican American lawyers who took their case, Hernandez v. Texas, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where they challenged Jim Crow-style discrimination against Mexican Americans.

3.  A Time for Justice (DVD – 38 min.s ) Film depicts the battle for civil rights as told by its foot soldiers. They rode where they weren't supposed to ride; walked where they weren't supposed to walk; sat where they weren't supposed to sit. And they stood their ground until they won their freedom. Produced by three-time Academy Award winner Charles Guggenheim, A Time for Justice recalls the crises in Montgomery, Little Rock, Birmingham and Selma. But more importantly, it reveals the heroism of individuals who risked their lives for the cause of freedom and equality. The film opens at the cemetery where Jimmie Lee Jackson is buried. Jackson was killed by state troopers during a voting rights demonstration in Marion, Alabama. The words of one who remembered Jackson lead us into a compelling story of a people's transcendent courage.

4.  African American Cinema I, The: Oscar Micheaux’s Within Our Gates 1919 (DVD & VHS – 79 min.s)  Oscar Micheaux’s “Within Our Gates” is the earliest surviving feature directed by an African American. However, this startling film unseen for over 75 years, is far more than a historic curiosity. The film reveals it as a passionate social history, confronting racism head-on through a story of a young African American woman who seeks a Northern white patron for a Southern school for black children. The scenes of lynching and attempted white-on-black rape may be a response to D. W. Griffith’s “The Birth of a Nation” and remain shocking to this day.

5.  America at a Crossroads: The Muslim Americans (DVD – 60 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide)  This documentary explores the diversity of Muslims in America today, focusing on communities’ experience after 9/11, and contrasting life for Muslims here in the United States with Muslims in Britain and Europe. The film looks at the ongoing conversation American Muslims are having about life in the United States, including assimilation, discrimination, Muslim youth, religion and politics.

6.  American at a Crossroads:  Homegrown - Islam in Prison (DVD 60 min.s - discussion guide)  This PBS documentary, narrated by journalist Roger MacNeil, explores the spread of radical Islam throughout Europe.  HOMEGROWN, examines a crucial question.  Are U.S. prisons incubators for radical Islam terrorist ideology?  The issue was brought to the fore by the disruption of an alleged terrorist plot, hatched in prison, in Los Angeles in 2005. 

7.  American Tongues (DVD – 56 min.s) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. “American Tongues” (winner – George Foster Peabody Award) embarks on a cross-country sojourn to delve into American English in all its diversity and color. By looking at how regional dialects are shaped by culture and geography, the film shows how we in turn are shaped both by our own speech and by our attitudes towards the ways others speak.

8.  America’s Civil Rights Movement (DVD & VHS – 38 min.s – Discussion Kit)  This video depicts the battle for civil rights as told by it foot soldiers. They rode where they weren’t supposed to ride; walked where they weren’t supposed to walk; sat where they weren’t supposed to sit. And they stood their ground until they won their freedom.

9.  America’s Multicultural Heritage (DVD – 26 min.s – Study Guide Questions/Answers)  The United States has been called a “melting pot” because of the various cultural backgrounds of its inhabitants. A variety of multicultural influences are examined in this program.

10.  A Place at the Table (DVD & VHS – 40 min.s - Discussion Kit)  This video spans three centuries to show how individuals and groups have toppled barriers in education, transportation, voting, employment, housing and other areas to become full participants in our democracy.

11.  Arab World, The (DVD & VHS – 25 min.s – Facilitator’s Resource Guide)
The Arab world is the gateway to Africa, Asia, and Europe. The earliest civilizations and three major world religions took root there. Many influences – religion, the West, the diversity among the Arab people have shaped the Arab world. Today many nations within the region are trying to construct modern civilizations based on ancient traditions. This video examines the reasons these traditions are important to many Arabs and their impact on the region today. The video outlines the history of the Arab world, including the founding of Islam, the Turkish Empire and its eventual breakup, and the Arab’s political and armed conflicts with Jews over Palestine.

12.  Ballet Folclorico Nacional (DVD)  The National Folkloric Ballet of Mexico was formed on May 1960, by Sylvia Lozano, a young and highly talented ballerina, who has been its Director and Choreographer throughout its 30+ years.  The acclaimed Ballet has a prestigious team that spealized in the history of Mexico's folklore, dance, music, and regional dress.  In 1977, the Ballet was given the status of official company by the Mexican Government with the right to represent Mexico abroad. 

13.  Banished (DVD – 84 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide)  Documentary vividly recounts the forgotten history of racial cleansing in America when thousands of African Americans were driven from their homes and communities by violent racist mobs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In fear for their lives, Black people left these towns and never returned to reclaim their property. Film places these events in present day race relations, following three concrete cases of towns that remain all-white to this day.

14.  Being Gay: Coming Out in the 21st Century (DVD – 25 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide)   Today, while gay, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are no longer forced to hide their sexual orientation; there is still prejudice and discrimination which can make common g out a difficulty decision. And there are always internal pressur4es as well. This program presents the accounts and stories of people who have recently taken the step of coming out. Interviewees and experts discuss the benefits of this important transition by examining the six stages of coming to terms with one’s sexual identity. They also look at the dangers of running away from sexual self-acceptance such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide and how finding support can greatly assist the process.

15.  Best Boy (DVD - ) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. This story (winner – Academy Award Best Documentary Feature) follows Philly Whol, a cheerful and loveable 52 year old man who has been mentally handicapped since birth and still lives with his parents. When his cousin, filmmaker Ira Wohl, questions what will happen to Philly once his elderly parents can no longer care for him, the family embarks on a mission to help Philly become more independent. At once funny and heartbreaking, the film is a profoundly touching story of love, overwhelming courage, and human dignity.

16.  Beyond Hate “The Heart of Hatred” (DVD – 52 min.s)  This program, narrated by Bill Moyers, features conversations with a variety of people who have explored the heart of hated. A Los Angeles gang member uses hate as a survival weapon. White supremacist leader Tom Metzger defends his policies of hate both in a court of law and in interviews. A former Israeli soldier tells how he disguised himself as a Palestinian in order to better understand the source of his own hatred. High School students in Bensonhurst, New York discuss the beating death of a black youth in their neighborhood. A man who physically abused his wife is presented as an example of people who act hatefully when their identity and self-esteem are threatened.

17.  Beyond Hate “Learning to Hate’ (DVD – 39 min.s)  In this program, Bill Moyers focuses on how children learn to hate, and how attitudes toward hatred differ from culture to culture. A youth of Arab-Israeli descent becomes friends with a young Orthodox Jew at an international training center that teaches youngersters the tools for dialogue and understanding. High school students in Bensonhurst analyze the origins of hatred against gays. In Washington, D. C., a holocaust survivor teaches children how stereotyping breeds hatred, and how that hatred can lead to persecution.

18.  Black Is…Black Ain’t (DVD – 86 mins.)  Weaves together the testimonies of those whose complexion, class, gender, speech or sexuality has made them feel “too Black” or “not Black enough.”. Black Scholars and artists movingly recall their own struggles to create a more inclusive definition of “Blackness.”

19.  Brown is the New Green:  George Lopez and the American Dream (DVD - 60 min.s)  This film examines how efforts to profit from Latinos are shaping the contemporary Latino identity.  The documentary focal point is comedian George Lopez, an icon and advocate for Latinos' move in the mainstream.  The film's rare behind-the-sceens access to Lopez's life and world as he shares his struggle to represent Latinos in a manner true to their realities and asperations.  Lopez normalizes the image of Latinos in a way that delights and entertains.

20.  Chances of the World Changing, The (DVD – 99 min.s) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. Fueled by abiding love for saving endangered animals, Richard Ogust abandons his life as a writer to build a fragile ark that is constantly on the brink of capsizing. THE CHANCES OF THE WORLD CHANGING (Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Official Selection) is a poetic, graceful film about a man who sacrifices nearly everything in his quest to preserve some of the planet’s nearly extinct turtle species. Pressed into bureaucracy and the needs of his 1200-plus turtles, Ogust is in a furious race against time to save his turtles-and himself. The film is an extraordinary stand to make people think about what we may lose and what we choose to preserve.

21.  Children’s March (DVD 40 min.s The Academy Award-winning,40 minute documentary film, Might Times:  The Children March tells the story of how young people of Birmingham, Alabama, braved fire hoses and police dogs in 1963 and brought segregation to its knees.  The heroism moved President Kennedy to introduce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a key piece of federal legislation that transformed not just the south but the entire nation.

22.  College Zone (DVD 22 min.s)  The College Zone sponsored by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), a public, not-for-profit agency created by the Illinois General Assembly with the mission of making college affordable for Illinois students created this video for the Latino/a community.  This is a four original novelas program: 

    1. "Amor Escolar (My Love for Education)" (5 min.s), shows the dynamic that exists between a mother and her daughter who is a first generation college student taking classes at a community college and is planning to attend a four-year college.
    2. "No Nacimos Ricos (We Were Not Born Rich)" (8 min.s), Presents the misconceptions that exist in the Latino Community about financial aid and the process to apply for student loan.
    3. "Full Time" (4 min.s), a young, single mother shares with her co-worker the opportunities and resources available to her as she attends college and is employed.
    4. "Hire Education" (5 min.s), shows a young Latino male being mentored by role models as he learns the importance of a college education.

23.  Color Adjustment (DVD – 87 mins.)  Documentary is a follow up to “Ethnic Notions”; which revisits popular prime time television shows such as Beulah, The Nat King Show, Julia, I Spy, Good Times and Roots and this reveals how the bitter racial conflict was absorbed by the non-controversial format of the prime time series.

24.  Dark Circle (DVD – 82 min.s) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. Denounced by officials and shunned by broadcasters when it was first released in 1982, “Dark Circle” (winner Emmy Ward Outstanding Individual Achievement in News & Documentary) offers an unyielding look at the potential devastation that nuclear power can cause. Through personal accounts and rarely seen archival footage, the film follows the trail of plutonium from the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility in Colorado, to the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in California, to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

25.  Dissonance and Harmony:  Abrabic Music Goes West (DVD - 60 min.s)  This film offers new imagery of Arabs, not as patently anti-American, not as terrorist; but as artists, universally familiar in their struggle to share their talent and ideas.  The film follows an eclectic mix of Middle Eastern musicians from their own very specific turf in the Middle East to the U.S.  Once there, in Los Angeles, they collaborate with other gifted musicians from the West, finding common ground between two cultures in conflict. 

26.  Dying To Live (DVD - 33 min.s)  This is profound look at the human face of the migrant.  It explores who these people are, why  they leave their homes and what they face in their jounrney.  Drawing on the insights of Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, theologians, church and congressional leaders, activists, musicians and the immigrants themselves, this film explores the place of conflick, pain and hope along the US-Mexico border.  It is a reflection on the human struggle for a more dignified life and the search to find God in the midst of it all.

27.  Ethnic Notions (DVD – 57 mins.)  Takes viewers on a disturbing voyage through American history, tracing the evolution of the deeply rooted stereotypes that have fueled anti-Black prejudice. Loyal Toms, carefree Sambos, faithful Mammies, grinning Coons, savage Brutes and wide-eyed Pickaninnies roll across the screen in cartoons, feature films, popular songs, advertisements, household artifacts, even children’s rhymes. These caricatures permeated popular culture from the 1820s to the Civil Rights era and implanted themselves within the American psyche. This video shed light on the origins and devastating consequences of seemingly passive images and their corrosive, dehumanizing affect on society.

28.  Farmingville (DVD – 78 mins.) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. The shocking, hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers (winner – Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize) catapult a small Long Island town into national headlines, unmasking a new front line in the border wars: suburbia. For nearly a year, Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini lived and worked in Farmingville, New York so they could capture first-hand the stories of residents, day laborers and activists on all sides of the debate.

29.  February One (DVD - ? – Facilitator’s Guide)  Tells the inspiring story of four remarkable young men who initialed the lunch counter sit-ins in Greensboro, NC on February 1, 1960. The sit-in served as a blueprint for the wave of non-violent civil rights protests that swept across the South and the nation throughout the 1960’s. A movement of ordinary people motivated to extraordinary deeds by the need to assert their basic human dignity.

30.  For the Bible Tells Me So (DVD – 98 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide) Does God really condemn loving homosexual relationships? Is the chasm separating Christianity from gays and lesbians too wide to cross? Is the Bible an excuse to hate? These questions and more are answered in this award winning documentary, which brilliantly reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture – and reveals the religious anti-gay bias is based almost solely upon a misinterpretation of the Bible.

31.  Frosh (DVD – 98 mins. – Facilitator’s Guide)  Join a diverse group of freshmen living in Stanford’s co-ed, multicultural residence hall for their first-year experience. These freshmen face age-old student problems such as alcohol, drugs, dating, grade anxiety, and work overload. But they also face new issues like multiculturalism, “hate speech” codes and gender confusion.

32.  Growing Up Gay & Lesbian (DVD - )  Brian McNaught, award-winning freelance writer, educational consultant, and counselor, provides an insightful, first-hand account of his experience growing up gay.  He uses comedy and his skills as a counselor to present an overview of gay sexual orientation that is at once disarming and heart-warming.

33.  Hidden Army: Women in World War II, The (DVD & VHS – 57 min.s)
Three award winning documentaries on one VHS.

    1. The Hidden Army : Rare archival film footage is woven into a film where defeated Hitler reflects on his gross miscalculations in reference to the contributions of the American women in World War II.
    2. Women in Defense : Yesterday the pioneer women helped to win a continent, but during WWII that same spirit of determination ignited as women sprang into action to save the nation from the impact of total warn to protect their homeland.
    3. Army and Navy Nurse P.O.W.’s WWII: Through interviews and archival footage, you’ll see the story of the U.S. Army and Navy nurses who witnessed the fall of Bataan and Corregidor and survived the Japanese POW camps.

34.  History of Black Achievement in America (DVD 4hrs 8 programs)
This original, eight-part series on four volumes, documents Black Achievement in American history, its defining role in the growth of the country, and its influence on current events. The series highlights the many contributions of Black Americans that have influenced our culture, enriched our society with their achievements and shaped the history of the United States.

Prog 1: Settling the New World and Founding the USA
Prog 2: Emergence of the Black Hero
Prog 3: The Fight for Freedom
Prog 4: Blacks Enter the Gilded Age
Prog 5: The Foundation of Equality
Prog 6: Depression and War
Prog 7: Civil Rights
Prog 8: A New Age

35.  History of Hispanic Achievement in America (DVD 4 hrs 8 programs)
Is a story that began more than 500 years ago when Christopher Columbus stepped on the fertile shores of “the new world”. It is a story rich with the stunning achievements, heroic exploits, ceaseless courage and the remarkable discoveries of Hispanic immigrants from all over the world who have become part of the diverse fiber of this nation.

Vol 1: 1492 – 1719
Prog 1: Spain Comes to the New World
Prog 2: Spanish American Exploration and Colonization

Vol 2: 1720 – 1847
Prog 3: Spanish Americans Move Toward Independence
Prog 4: A New Hispanic Identity Emerges

Vol 3: 1848 – 1958
Prog 5: Hispanics Become United States Citizens
Prog 6: Hispanics Become and American Minority

Vol 4: 1959 – 2007
Prog 7: Emergence of a Unique Hispanic Culture
Prog 8: Era of the Hispanic American Hero Begins

36.  Homosexuality: A Religious Perspective (DVD – 37 mins.)  Throughout history, homosexuality has been censured by some of the world’s major religions and often punished to the severest degree. This program studies the scriptures and doctrines of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to understand why, and then contrasts their stances with those of Hinduism, Sikhism, and the Rome of Hadrian. A compassionate and compelling discussion of gay marriage and child adoption by gay couples is discussed; as well the genetic predisposition toward homosexuality is considered and homosexual acct in the animal world. As they relate to scripture are addressed.

37.  I Exist:  Voices From the Lesbian and Gay Middle Eastern Community in the U.S. ( VHS)  From the Unlearning Homophobia film series, this documentary is about the lives of lesbian and gay Middle Easterners in the U.S.  Award-winning directors Peter Barbosa and Garrett Lenoir deliver a piercing tour de force of the joys and pains of growing up gay and Middle Eastern.  Touching and groundbreaking interviews shed light on the experiences of this community, once voiceless by the fear of shame and ostracism.

38.  It Takes A Team: Making Sports Safe for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Athletes and Coaches (DVD & VHS – 15 min.s - Educational Kit)
Video focuses on the safe education of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students. It includes four sections that examine. The gay or lesbian athletes and their teammates and coaches in this video describe some of their experiences. The video describes some of the challenges that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender athletes and coaches encounter and shows how it takes a team to make sure that all coaches and athletes are safe and respected.

39.  Licensed to Kill (DVD – 77 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. Oscar-nominated filmmaker (winner – Sundance Film Festival Best Documentary Director Award & Filmmaker Thropy Award) Arthur Dong takes us on a frightening journey into the minds of men whose contempt for homosexuality has led them to murder. Attacked himself in 1977 by gay bashers, Dong confronts killers of gay men face-to-face and asks them directly: "Why did you do it?" Described by the Los Angeles Times as a "chilling look at the real face of evil," the film includes video of actual gay bashings, crime scenes, murderers' confessions, and graphic evidence from police files, as it fuses together the powerful stories of seven convicted killers.

40.  Leona’s Sister Gerri (DVD – 75 mins.) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. The grisly photograph of a naked woman on a motel floor, dead after an illegal abortion, stirred a nation and inflamed a movement. “Leona's Sister Gerri” (New Directors/New Film Official Selection) tells the powerful story of the anonymous woman behind the image and how she became an extraordinary icon in the debate over abortion. Family and friends recount the life of Gerri Santoro, who grew up on the family farm, married young and had two children. The film explores the circumstances that led to her tragic death in 1964 when abortion was illegal.

41.  Made in L.A. (DVD – 70 mins – Facilitator’s Guide)  Traces the moving transformation of three Latina garment workers on the fault lines of global economic change. Through a groundbreaking lawsuit and consumer boycott, they fight to establish an important legal and moral precedent: to hold an American retailer liable for the labor conditions under which its products are manufactured. The video provides an intimate view into both the struggles of recent immigrants and into the organizing process itself.

42.  Maid In America (DVD – 60 min.s) is an intimate, eye-opening look at the lives of las domésticas, as seen through the eyes of Eva, Telma and Judith: three Latina immigrants, each with a very different story, who work as nannies and housekeepers in Los Angeles, California. Filmmakers Anayansi Prado and Kevin Leadingham followed their subjects for several years, and their cameras caught some of the most intimate moments of these women’s lives, both on and off the job. The challenges faced by these women are as diverse as their stories. Maid In American, is the story of the American dream as seen from the perspectives of three women, all looking longingly through the glass – a the same time they are cleaning it.

43.  Matters of Race (DVD – 4 hrs – Facilitator’s Guide)  This documentary explores the complex demands of the country’s rapidly changing multiracial and multicultural society and shows how American citizens imagine the new America of the 21st century

Part 1: The Divide.
Part 2: Race Is/Race Ain’t
Part 3. We’re Still Here
Part 4. Tomorrow’s America

44.  Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (DVD 105 min.s) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. This powerful film (winner – Academy Award Best Documentary Feature) documents the contentious origins of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, beginning with the story of its creator, a 21-year-old architecture student, whose plan was selected from over 1,000 designs, beating out some of the top international architecture firms. Despite vociferous opposition from veterans' organizations and members of Congress, the monument was built, eventually becoming one of the world's most frequently visited memorials.

45.  Mendez vs. Westminster (DVD 45 min.s)  Seven years before Brown vs. Board of Education, Mendez vs. Westminster began unraveling of school segregation in the the U.S.  Among many surprises, two key persons played important roles in both cases; NAACP attorney Thurgood Marshall, who later argued and won Brown vs. Board of Education; and then Governor Earl Warren who desegregated California as a result of Mendez and later, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wrote the Brown decision. Mendez vs. Westminster is the award winning Public Television documentary that tells the story of this little known; but important chapter of Ameridcan civil-rights history.  2007 marked the 60-year anniversary of the Mendez decision, and the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp to honor this historic contribution to our schools.

46.  Mighty Times The Legacy of Rosa Parks (DVD & VHS kit – 40 min.s 2 copies)  The story of how one woman, through a single act of defiance, stirred a community to unite in opposition to segregation and changed America forever.

47.  Muslims:  An In-Dept Look at What it Means to be a Muslim in the 21st Century (DVD - 120 min.s)  The events of September 11th left many Americans asking how such atrocities could be perpetrated in the name of religion: specifically, Islam. Misconceptions and lack of understanding dominate American’s perception of Islam, the world’s second largest and fastest growing religion. Filmed in Egypt, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Nigeria and the United States, Muslims explores the influence of culture and politics on religion, and provides a deeper understanding of the political forces at work among Muslims around the world. The film emphasizes Islam’s kinship with Christianity and Judaism, and looks at diverse interpretations of Islam among the Muslim people.

48.  Of Civil Rights and Wrongs: The Fred Korematsu Story (DVD – 70 mins.) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. “Of Civil Wrongs and Rights” (winner –Emmy Ward Outstanding Achievement in Directing and Editing) brings to life for the first time the inspirational story of an unsung American civil rights hero, and demonstrates the power of ordinary citizens to rise up against injustice. In 1942, Fred Korematsu was an average 23-year-old California native working as a shipyard welder. But when he refused to obey Executive Order 9006, which sent 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry into internment camps, he became something extraordinary -- a civil rights champion. The film chronicles the 40-year legal fight to vindicate Korematsu and offers a cautionary tale about the safeguarding of civil liberties in the mounting war on terror.

49.  One Border One Body (DVD - 30 min.s) In the dry, rugged sun-scorched terrain where many immigrants lose their lives, bishops, priests and lay people come togeether each year to celebrate the Eucharist.  Like other liturgies, they pray and workship together.  Unlike other liturgies, a sixteen-foot iron fence divides this community in half, with one side in Mexico and the other side in the Unived States.  One Border, One Body tells the story of a ritural that unites people beyond political constructions which divide them.  Amidst a desert of death and a culture of fear, it testifies to God's universal, undivided, and unrestricted love for all people.  It speaks of the gift and challenge of Christian faith and the call to feed the world's hunger for peace, justice and reconciliation.  More than just another documentary on immigration, this film is a mediation of the Kingdon of God, a globalization of solidarity and a journey of hope. 

50.  One Survivor Remembers (DVD & VHS kit – 38 mins.)  The story of Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein. Just 15 years old when the Nazis invaded Poland, she endured six years under Nazi rule, ending in a harrowing 350 mile death march. She survived, but her family and friends did not; the Nazis had taken all but her life.

51.  Overcoming Prejudice (DVD – 13 min.s – Study Guide Questions/Answers)
People from diverse backgrounds should learn to get along with one another and should celebrate their differences. Find out why prejudice is such a negative force and learn why it is better if people accept one another as individuals.

52.  Passin' It On (DVD – 57 mins.) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. “Passin’' It On” is the story of a man in search of justice who is wronged by the nation with which he is at odds. Part indictment, part redemption tale, the film offers startling insight into the role of the Black Panther Party in the civil rights movement and the FBI's targeting of one of the organization's most fervent leaders, Dhoruba Bin Wahad (born Richard Moore). Emerging from the Bronx ghettos and a life of petty crime, Dhoruba dove headfirst into the Black Power movement, serving soup to poor people with one hand while wielding a gun with the other. Amid a national program of FBI-led oppression against the Panthers, Dhoruba served 19 years in prison before his conviction was overturned. “Passin' It On” was the first in-depth look at the history of the Black Panthers to be broadcast on national television.

53.  Race the Power of Illusion (DVD 3 part series – 56 min.s each – Facilitator’s Guide)  This documentary challenges one of our most fundamental beliefs; that humans come divided into a few distinct biological groups. This definitive three-part series is an eye-opening tale of how what we assume to be normal, commonsense, even scientific, is actually shaped by our history, social institutions and cultural beliefs.

Episode 1The Difference Between Us . Examines the contemporary science; including genetics that challenges our assumptions about human groups

Episode 2The Story We Tell . Explores the roots of the race concept, including the 19th century science that justified it and how it gained such a hold over our minds.

Episode 3The House We Live In . Race may be a biological myth, but racism gives different groups vastly different life chances. Forty years after the Civil Rights Movement, the playing field is still not level and “colorblind” policies only perpetuate inequality.

54.  Regret to Inform (DVD) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. Twenty years after her husband was killed in a mortar attack, filmmaker Barbara Sonneborn travels to Vietnam to the very place where her husband was killed. Filled with extraordinary archival footage from the war, breathtaking visions of modern day Vietnam, and heart-wrenching stories from both Vietnamese and American war widows. “Regret to Inform” (winner – George Foster Peabody Award) is a journey into the heart and soul of war.

55.  SAFE on Campus (DVD)  A training and development resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender “Safe Space Ally Programs” created at Duke University. The DVD includes digital video scenarios, graphics, training manuals, assessment, identity development, and helpful online links.

56.  Sexual Stereotypes in the Media (DVD - 19 mins.)   More than ever before, Americans are being bombarded and acculturated by the media and only discerning individuals will recognize the sexual biases that all too often are a part of each day's worth of information and entertainment.  This program focuses on identifying and looking beyond categorical stereotypes of women, men, gays and lesbians.

57.  Shadow of Hate A History of Intolerance in America, The (DVD & VHS kit – 40 min.s 2 copies)  Video spans three centuries to examine the challenges that our nation faced in attempting to live up to its ideals of liberty, equality and justice for all.

58.  Silverlake Life: The View From Here (DVD – 99 mins.) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. Winner of over 10 international awards, “Silverlake Life: The View from Here” (winner –Prix Italia Award) is an extraordinary video diary of living with AIDS. This landmark film documents, with guts and with humor, the love and dedication of longtime companions Tom Joslin and Mark Massi. From the emotional challenge of living with a fatal illness to the frustration of maintaining daily routines once considered simple, “Silverlake Life: The View from Here” is an incredible journey that is ultimately a celebration of the strength of the human spirit.

59.  Strangers No Longer (DVD - 22 min.s) This film invites us to look into our past and notice the similarities that exist between our ancestors when they came to this great land, and those who are arriving now.  We are made aware of the many global implications that cause people to migrate to the USA, including our need for more workers.  It helps us to understand problems that exist with our current immigration system and underlines different solutions and activities that can be undertaken to fix what is broken.  It reminds us of our moral responsibility to actively live our faith and our obligation to be a voice to change so that newcomers are strangers no longer. 

60.  Taking on the Kennedy’s (DVD – 54 mins.) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. A thrilling provocative modern-day David vs. Goliath battle set in the amphitheater of American politics, this sharply witty and brilliant concise film peeks into the “brutal circus” of contemporary political warfare. In 1994, practicing physician Kevin Vigilante, a Rhode Island Republican who had never held office, challenged Democratic favorite son Patrick Kennedy for a U.S. House seat representing the fifth most Democratic District in the nation…and nearly won. With unrestricted access to the candidates, filmmaker Joshua Seftel presents a hard-hitting deconstruction of political campaigns and powerful dynasties.

61.  The Invisible Chapel (DVD - 31 min.s) For over twenty years a migrant chapel remained invisible to the wealthy residents of a San Diego, CA neighborhood.  Every Sunday parish volunteers provided humanitarian assistance and held a church service for over one hundered improverished agricultural, construction and and service industry workers from Mexico.  Local neighbors, along with the San Diego Minutemen and Talk-Radio host clash with the mostly undocumented immigrant congregation.  The ensuing conflict forced the migrants and volunteers out of their sacred space and ultimately caused the domolition of the place of workship.

62.  Time of Fear (DVD – 60 mins.)  In World War II more than 110,000 Japanese Americans were forced to leave their homes and relocate to military camps dotted across the western United States. “Time of Fear” tells the story of 16,000 Japanese American men, women, and children who were sent to two relocation camps in southeast Arkansas. The video tells a powerful tale of racism and resilience that still resonates today.

63.  Tongues Untied (DVD – 55 min.s)) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. This landmark film (winner –Berlin International Film Festival Teddy Award) by Emmy Award-winning director Marlon Riggs uses poetry, personal testimony, rap and performance to explore what it means to be Black and gay in America. Angry, funny, erotic and poetic by turns (and sometimes all at once), “Tongues Untied” jumps from interview to confession, music video to documentary to poem. The result is a rich account of the Black gay male experience, from protest marches and smoky bars to the language of the “snap diva” and “vogue” dancer. The broadcast raised a storm of controversy, with letter writing campaigns, picket lines, and even bomb threats against stations planning to carry it. It was also attacked on the Senate floor by Senators, Jesse Helms, John McCain and Bob Dole, and used in a TV ad by Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign.

64.  TRANSGenration (DVD – 5 hrs. 8 parts)  A groundbreaking 8-part documentary series that captures a year in the life of four transgender college students. The series follows four unique individuals, two male-to-females and two female-to-males as they struggle to transition from one gender to the other in the midst of a grueling school year. From working-class campuses to private colleges steeped in tradition, we follow these four students as they juggle the pressures of college life, academia and family expectations with their own-life changing transition. Idealistic and impassioned, these four young adults embark on a journey of self-discovery and in the process re-define gender for their generation.

65.  Truth about Hate, The (DVD – 49 mins.)  Emotional and hard hitting, this program explores the origins of hate through the eyes of today’s teenagers as they come face to face with their own racism, ethnic bigotry, religious hatred, and sexual discrimination.

66.  Unlearning Homophobia Series (DVD - 3 part series)  Three award-winning documentary films, in a moving trilogy that will affect the way Americans think about sexual orientation, homophobia, family, and love.

Part 1:  "Straight From the Heart", explores parents journey to a new understanding of their lesbian and gay children by presenting simple stories about real families from across the country.

Part 2:  "All God's Children", is a documentary short about Black churches' embracement of African American lesbians and gay men as dedicated members of their spiritual families.  Rev. Jesse Jackson, Cornel West, and former Senator Carol Mosely-Braun are among those who speak out about the important role of the church in the struggle for equal rights and social justice for all people.

Part 3:  "De Colores", is a bilingual short presenting Latino families breaking down cultural prejudice through deep-rooted love.

67.  Viva La Causa (DVD 39 min.s)  On a warm evning in 1965, hundreds of Mexican farm workers packed into a church hall in the small farming town of Delano, California.  A momentous decision lay before them, should they join a strike against California grape growers started 11 days prior by their Filipino counterparts.  Would this imporve their appalling working conditions in the fields and help them earn enough to feed their families?  Viva La Causa tells the story of how the powerless stood up in the powerful and gained their victory, not by violence and weapons; but by their strong will.

68.  We Shall Remain:  America Through Native Eyes (DVD - 5 part series - 90 min.s each)  PBS’s acclaimed history series in association with Native American Public Telecommunications, We Shall Remain, establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. These five documentaries spanning almost four hundred years tell the story of pivotal moments in U.S. history from the Native American perspective, upending two-dimensional stereotypes of American Indians as simply ferocious warriors or peaceable lovers of the land.

Episode 1:   “After the Mayflower”: Begins in New England in the 1620’s, at the time of the so-called “first Thanksgiving.” In March of 1621, Massasoit, chief of the Wampanoag, negotiated a diplomatic alliance with a scraggly band of English settlers for the benefit of his people. It was a gamble that paid off for several decades, as Indians and colonists coexisted in relative peace.

Episode 2:   “Tecumseh’s Vision”: Tells the story of the Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his brother, Tenskwatawa, known as the Prophet. In the years following the American Revolution, the Prophet led a spiritual revival movement that drew thousands of followers from tribes across the Midwest. His brother forged a pan-Indian polecat and military alliance from that movement, coming closer than anyone since to creating an independent Indian state.

Episode 3:   “Trail of Tears”: This episode explores the resolve and resilience of the Cherokee people, who resisted removal from their homelands in the Southeast in every way they knew: assimilating, adopting a European-style government and legal system, accepting Christianity, and even taking their case all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court

Episode 4:   “Geronimo”: Takes place at the end of the Indian Wars, near the close of the nineteenth century. Here, desperate times catapulted a controversial character to the leadership of the Apache band. To angry whites, Geronimo was an archenemy, the perpetrator of unspeakable savage cruelties. To some Apaches, he was a stubborn troublemaker whose actions needlessly brought the enemy’s wrath upon them. To his supporters, he remained the embodiment of proud resistance, leading the last Native American fighting force to surrender to the United States government.

Episode 5:   “Wounded Knee”: Tells the gripping story of the 1973 siege of Wounded Knee, examining the broad political and economic forces that led to the emergence of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in the 1960’s. For 71 days activist engaged in a standoff with the U. S. government, bringing the nation’s attention to the desperate conditions of Indian reservations. Perhaps even more important, the siege united Native people across tribes, creating a pan-Indian identity and a new path into the future.

69  Well-Founded Fear (DVD – 120 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide) This DVD is part 20 years of independent point-of-view (POV) documentary storytelling on PBS. Evocative, captivating and utterly unforgettable, “Well-Founded Fear” candidly explores the proceedings behind the American political asylum system. Who is deemed worthy of political asylum in the United States? Who decides? and why? To be granted asylum, applicants must demonstrate a "well-founded fear" that their lives would be endangered were they to be deported. Filmmakers Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson enter the closed corridors of the INS to reveal the dramatic real-life stage where human rights and American ideals collide with the nearly impossible task of trying to know the truth. Shot over five years, “Well-Founded Fear” marked the first time in history that filmmakers were give access to individuals on both sides of the interrogation desk, offering an in-depth perspective of both sides of the asylum process.

70.  What’s Morally Wrong With Homosexuality? (DVD – 57 min.s)
Is homosexuality unnatural? Does it threaten society? Are gays and lesbians “born that way”, and does it matter either way? In this provocative program, Dr. John Corvino tackles these questions and more. Combining philosophical rigor with sensitivity and humor. Corvino examines the most common arguments against same-sex relationships; including those based on nature, harm, and religion. In the process, he invites people on all sides to rethink easy assumptions about homosexuality and morality.

71.  What’s Race Got To Do With It? (DVD – 49 mins. – Facilitator’s Guide)
Chronicles the experiences of a new generation of college students, over the course of 16 weeks of intergroup dialogue at the U.C. Berkeley campus. As they confront themselves and each other about race, they discover they often lack awareness of how different their experience of campus life is from their peers, to the detriment of an inclusive campus climate. This video is geared toward strengthening young people’s commitment to a racially equitable campus, where everyone can succeed.

72.  When A Kid Is Gay (DVD & VHS – 60 mins.)  From its title, “When a Kid Is Gay” sounds like a self-help guide for stressed-out parents of gay kids, a step-by-step program on what to do ("(1) do not panic, (2) stop panicking"). In actuality, this sensitively but realistically made special is a testament to the strength and determination of teens and young adults who are slowly but surely finding their way out of the closet. Profiling a gay and lesbian youth group in Worcester, Massachusetts, the program offers different looks at various group members who are all dealing with different aspects of coming out: What makes this quietly affecting special topnotch is that these kids are real, articulate, and honest, easy to identify with--this isn't some glossed-up Beverly Hills 90210-style video. They're going through all the pain and pressure of coming out and admirably wrestling with complex issues at a very young age. Kids who are just starting to explore their sexuality would do very well to watch 51.

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