Diversity DVD Library


  1. Matters of Race (DVD – 4 hrs – Facilitator’s Guide)
    This documentary explores the complex demands of the country’s rapidly changing multiracial and multicultural society and shows how American citizens imagine the new America of the 21st century

    Part 1: The Divide.
    Part 2: Race Is/Race Ain’t
    Part 3. We’re Still Here
    Part 4. Tomorrow’s America

  2. Race the Power of Illusion (DVD 3 part series – 56 min.s each – Facilitator’s Guide)
    This documentary challenges one of our most fundamental beliefs; that humans come divided into a few distinct biological groups. This definitive three-part series is an eye-opening tale of how what we assume to be normal, commonsense, even scientific, is actually shaped by our history, social institutions and cultural beliefs.

    Episode 1: The Difference Between Us. Examines the contemporary science; including genetics that challenges our assumptions about human groups

    Episode 2: The Story We Tell. Explores the roots of the race concept, including the 19th century science that justified it and how it gained such a hold over our minds.

    Episode 3: The House We Live In. Race may be a biological myth, but racism gives different groups vastly different life chances. Forty years after the Civil Rights Movement, the playing field is still not level and “colorblind” policies only perpetuate inequality.

  3. What’s Race Got To Do With It? (DVD – 49 min.s – Facilitator’s Guide)
    Chronicles the experiences of a new generation of college students, over the course of 16 weeks of intergroup dialogue at the U.C. Berkeley campus. As they confront themselves and each other about race, they discover they often lack awareness of how different their experience of campus life is from their peers, to the detriment of an inclusive campus climate. This video is geared toward strengthening young people’s commitment to a racially equitable campus, where everyone can succeed.
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