Diversity DVD Library


  1. Dying To Live (DVD - 33 min.s)  This is profound look at the human face of the migrant.  It explores who these people are, why  they leave their homes and what they face in their jounrney.  Drawing on the insights of Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, theologians, church and congressional leaders, activists, musicians and the immigrants themselves, this film explores the place of conflick, pain and hope along the US-Mexico border.  It is a reflection on the human struggle for a more dignified life and the search to find God in the midst of it all.
  2. The Invisible Chapel (DVD - 31 min.s) For over twenty years a migrant chapel remained invisible to the wealthy residents of a San Diego, CA neighborhood.  Every Sunday parish volunteers provided humanitarian assistance and held a church service for over one hundered improverished agricultural, construction and and service industry workers from Mexico.  Local neighbors, along with the San Diego Minutemen and Talk-Radio host clash with the mostly undocumented immigrant congregation.  The ensuing conflict forced the migrants and volunteers out of their sacred space and ultimately caused the domolition of the place of workship.
  3. One Border One Body (DVD - 30 min.s) In the dry, rugged sun-scorched terrain where many immigrants lose their lives, bishops, priests and lay people come togeether each year to celebrate the Eucharist.  Like other liturgies, they pray and workship together.  Unlike other liturgies, a sixteen-foot iron fence divides this community in half, with one side in Mexico and the other side in the Unived States.  One Border, One Body tells the story of a ritural that unites people beyond political constructions which divide them.  Amidst a desert of death and a culture of fear, it testifies to God's universal, undivided, and unrestricted love for all people.  It speaks of the gift and challenge of Christian faith and the call to feed the world's hunger for peace, justice and reconciliation.  More than just another documentary on immigration, this film is a mediation of the Kingdon of God, a globalization of solidarity and a journey of hope.
  4. Strangers No Longer (DVD - 22 min.s) This film invites us to look into our past and notice the similarities that exist between our ancestors when they came to this great land, and those who are arriving now.  We are made aware of the many global implications that cause people to migrate to the USA, including our need for more workers.  It helps us to understand problems that exist with our current immigration system and underlines different solutions and activities that can be undertaken to fix what is broken.  It reminds us of our moral responsibility to actively live our faith and our obligation to be a voice to change so that newcomers are strangers no longer. 
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