Diversity DVD Library


  1. ABC News Primetime Live “Ethical Dilemmas” Part 2
    Various scenarios are set up by actors to see how people react to conflicts. One segment there is a Black couple arguing in a public park; a group of boys bullying another boy; a married white couple arguing in public. The reactions or lack of by passerby’s is all caught on tape.
  2. Beyond Hate “The Heart of Hatred” (DVD – 52 min.s)
    This program, narrated by Bill Moyers, features conversations with a variety of people who have explored the heart of hated. A Los Angeles gang member uses hate as a survival weapon. White supremacist leader Tom Metzger defends his policies of hate both in a court of law and in interviews. A former Israeli soldier tells how he disguised himself as a Palestinian in order to better understand the source of his own hatred. High School students in Bensonhurst, New York discuss the beating death of a black youth in their neighborhood. A man who physically abused his wife is presented as an example of people who act hatefully when their identity and self-esteem are threatened.
  3. Beyond Hate “Learning to Hate’ (DVD – 39 min.s)
    In this program, Bill Moyers focuses on how children learn to hate, and how attitudes toward hatred differ from culture to culture. A youth of Arab-Israeli descent becomes friends with a young Orthodox Jew at an international training center that teaches youngsters the tools for dialogue and understanding. High school students in Bensonhurst analyze the origins of hatred against gays. In Washington, D. C., a holocaust survivor teaches children how stereotyping breeds hatred, and how that hatred can lead to persecution.
  4. Overcoming Prejudice (DVD – 13 min.s – Study Guide Questions/Answers)
    People from diverse backgrounds should learn to get along with one another and should celebrate their differences. Find out why prejudice is such a negative force and learn why it is better if people accept one another as individuals.
  5. Shadow of Hate A History of Intolerance in America, The (DVD & VHS kit – 40 min.s 2 copies)
    Video spans three centuries to examine the challenges that our nation faced in attempting to live up to its ideals of liberty, equality and justice for all.
  6. Truth about Hate, The (DVD – 49 min.s)
    Emotional and hard hitting, this program explores the origins of hate through the eyes of today’s teenagers as they come face to face with their own racism, ethnic bigotry, religious hatred, and sexual discrimination.
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