Student Organizations

International Student Association (ISA)

Did you know that there are international students from over 52 countries here at Lewis University?

ISA seeks to foster an awareness of other cultures at the Lewis University campus, promote friendships between international students, as well as with American students and provide support and appreciation for the international student community at Lewis University. It accomplishes this by providing special programs and opportunities for social interaction and exchange.

The ISA plays a vibrant role in students’ social lives by being the forum for international students and by organizing events throughout the year—giving students a chance to discover Chicago as well the local community.


The ISA plans and schedules activities to provide students with the opportunity to learn, have fun, and experience the local culture. ISA also collaborates with other offices and student organizations on campus to provide opportunities for cultural exchange between international and local students.

A schedule of activities is available at the International Student Services webpage.

Everyone in the Lewis University community is welcome to join ISA or attend any of our events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

ISA 2021-20221 Contacts

Aurora Doan

Jay Ann Chan
Staff Supervisor