Worship Schedule

Weekly Sunday Mass

Interested in becoming a Liturgical Minister? We need:

Choir and Instrumentalists

Contact: Jake DeMarais

  • Group of student musicians who help lead the community in music during Sunday evening liturgy
  • Vocalists and instrumentalists of all levels are invited and encouraged to participate
  • Practice at 7-7:45 PM Sunday evenings before 8 PM liturgy

Contact: Fr. Dennis Lewandowski

  • Warm, friendly greeters to welcome people to Sunday evening liturgy
  • Hand out songbooks with order of service before liturgy begins
  • Collect songbooks and wish people well after liturgy

Contact: Fr. Dennis Lewandowski

  • Know and proclaim God's Word to the community
Eucharistic Ministers

Contact: Fr. Dennis Lewandowski

  • Present the Eucharist to the members of the community

Contact: Fr. Dennis Lewandowski

  • Bring treats and help set up a hospitality table after mass on Sunday night

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